Jan 8, 2009

Almost ready for Ethiopia!

I have to tell you, this post made my heart lighter-honestly, I have been emotionally whacked out today, on the edge of tears all day.

My poor girlfriend Karla came over and they actually slipped out, as I shared one of the things that was bugging me...which we are not going to talk about, as I don't want to let *any more * slip out today. But as I was desperately looking for something I could post, and having no idea what to write ... I came across these, that never got posted.

They made me smile. Made me realize that I am blessed and that I really love being a mom of the crazy crew that God has given me.

Rock a-bye-baby...

Tobin, 1 year old and a very good sport. My baby fix for the past year.

The Princess' of the house

My little Kingly men

The baby has had enuff...he says, 'Get on the plane to Ethiopia already...'
One and a half days and we are off to go get the 'real baby.'


The Red Thread Kids: said...

Standing with you Kimmie, and family - ALL family- in prayers and in thoughts as you take this step in your journey..


P.S. Hug and kiss that little baby for me?

Lovingmyamazinglife said...

Enjoy this time,its all leading up to something wonderful,I am thinking of your family daily and so excited for you.Lots and lots of hugs and warm wishes for you all!

theArthurClan said...

Before you even know it, you are going to be holding your precious baby in your arms. What a wonderful moment that will be! Hang in there...

Sondra said...

Cute pics. Your king men are so handsome!

Michelle said...

We got your card today. I'm going to hang it on my fridge as a reminder to pray for you while you are on your trip.


"Indescribable" said...

Peace and love to you and yours from near and while you travel afar to gather your baby! Praying every day.

thank you for being my personal delivery system. Can't wait to meet your family!


Amrita said...

This is a very exciting and anxious time too for the family.

The kids and the kitty are adorable

Marilyn - A Mixed Bouquet said...

Adorable pics! Praying for safe and smooth travels. I'm so excited for your beautiful family. The Lord had knitted together your blessed family. What a joy!

HandsRaisedToHeaven said...

Praying for you. Enjoy this time. And try to rest in all that God is doing and will be doing in your lives. :) Do you journal? That seems to be a good way to get stuff out w/o effecting others! And sometimes I hear God through my questions and see His peace through my anxieties as I write. Just a thought!

Can't wait to see your pictures of you and Little Beauty.

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