Jan 22, 2009

Birthmom meeting in Ethiopia

Sorry, I haven't answered this question that some of you had, 'How was our birth mother meeting?'

Well, a couple things have gotten in the way of me posting, namely time, secondly the wee babe and I are both sick. (cough, congestion and a icky runny nose) The two boys were sick the day before and now Fazzdike (14) is feverish (she has been in bed all day today).
Thank you all for praying for this with us. The night we arrived we were given an itinerary for the next 5 days. Listed on it were the birth mother meetings, listed by the adoptive parents last name.

Ours was not listed. My heart was very sad, as I had wanted to meet her and do as God had led me. Four parents in our group of eight families, were blessed with a visit with the birth families. They said they were emotional, but beautiful. I think all of them said the families were Christian, and loved Jesus! Praise God. There was sadness, but rejoicing, pain, mixed with joy in knowing their children would be raised in loving Christian homes, Christian homes that follow Jesus daily.

We don't know why our birth mom didn't come. I think she lived two hours away, so perhaps this was the reason. We will never know. We did leave a scrapbook of pictures for her, our family, our home, pictures we were given of her and Little Beauty...when she brought her to the orphanage. I tried to make it special, thinking this was all she would have and I would be blessed with the beautiful baby.

The morning we left for Ethiopia, the Holy Spirit told me to print out some scripture. I was able to print John chapter 3: 1-7 , John 3:16 in Amharic (one of the languages of Ethiopia), also Romans 8: 17-23. I found a site, I printed the whole chapters, and highlighted the verses I wanted her to read and ponder in her heart. Words of life. I was searching for a translation site(English to Amharic), we had used this when we adopted from Hungary (English to Hungarian). We left our house an hour later than planned...but my thought was that after I had shared what God had put on my heart, she would have some of God's word to ponder after our meeting. It is true we only see dimly here where we currently stand, I now hope that these verses will bring her to the understanding of God and Jesus that she needs. Of course she may already know Him, now I will not know.

I pray she will come by Hannah's Hope and pick it up. I would have liked to bring her an Amharic Bible, but we aren't allowed to give any gifts. Honestly, I don't think a Bible is a gift, not in the sense that we think of a gift as, I truly think of it as life, for without it...How would we find Jesus and eternal life?

I am so glad you were praying, I am hoping our prayers will draw her to come and get that photo album, and tucked in the back are the Love notes from God...I pray that she finds not only the note, but joyous life in Him!


Liz said...

her curls are just tugging at me, , what beautiful ringlets :)
i pray that her birthmother will return to get the scrapbook. what a wonderful gift it will be to be able to have some idea of where her baby went and to know she went with the Lord's hand on her new family.

Expat Mom said...

Aw, I`m sorry you couldn`t meet the birthmother. I think it must be very, very difficult for a mom though . . . even if she knows her baby will have a good home, how difficult must it be to actually see her being carried and loved by someone else?

I`m so glad you have this adorable babe. My heart totally melts every time I see a photo of her sweet little face!

Hope you all feel better soon.

Velvia said...

Hi Kimmie!
I sit here with tears of joy for you rolling down my cheeks. She is so beautiful! I feel privileged to have been able to follow your journey, through your blog, the last 14 months. You have truly inspired me with your faith. You are most blessed among women!
Love, Velvia

Renata said...

Sorry you couldn't meet the birth mother. I like the way you put together a book for her & hope that she can get it - what a lovely gift for her - to be able to picture her precious girl in her new home. Little beauty is just too cute!

Michelle said...

I will pray her birth mother will return for the scrapbook. What a beautiful thing you did for her.

I'm sorry you didn't get a chance to meet.

Dreadnought said...

Hi Kimmie, I hope you and the little ones get to feeling a bit better soon. Bob.

stacelito said...

I'm so sorry that you couldn't meet the birth mom. I wondered about those who had to travel long distances...ours lives far away from Addis,too. Thank you for the online Amharic Bible and the idea to add it to the birth mom letter! I just did that, too...because of your suggestion...and not on the day of travel! HEE HEE We will travel in about three weeks.

Diane said...

I hope you all are feeling better soon. I'm sorry you weren't able to meet her birth mother. It was very thoughtful for you to make that scrapbook for her and I'll pray she comes back and is able to get it.

Keep those pictures coming! I love looking at them!

mom said...

{{{{{Kimmie}}}}} Sorry your family is going through the *bug*. We are finally getting to the end of that process ourselves :::sigh:::

Thank you for answering the question I'm sure many of us have been wondering about...the meeting. We can trust God and know He knows the reasons why there wasn't a meeting. I don't believe our prayers have returned void in that respect, but rather that He has a different plan and perhaps it will be through the sweet scrapbook you put together :-)

Do take care! Rest! Lots of fluids! I'm sure you know the routine *wink*

Tammy ~@~

A. said...

I'll also pray that the birthmother will read your scrapbook.

"Words of life."
I'm going to read these passages carefully - thanks :)


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