Jan 9, 2009


The diaper service called...

we have an appointment for them to come and set us up with oodles and oodles of soft cloth diapers! Sigh, heaven! (*well, not the dirty ones, eewhh!)
The man who I spoke to *Dick* was so sweet...I think he's been doing this for ages, though he said not too many still use cloth...if they do, they wash them themselves. (God bless their hearts!) Sign me up for cloth...call me wacky, but I just think it is cozier on wee little baby bums.

For $13 dollars a week I will get a full supply of diapers (in her weight size-50)...a diaper cover (can buy more- they are pinless covers!)... -for .50 cents I can add 10 more diapers...a groovy diaper pail with plastic liners...and a relationship with a weekly delivery man who will bring and take away our diapers!
One day to go...we are looking good on the prep end. Thanks to all of you who donated baby formula to give to the orphanage...we have 1 full suitcase (50 lbs) and will divide up the remainder in the other bags, as we want to bring as MUCH as possible to help them when formula is so hard for them to get.


javamamma said...

That's awesome you are taking formula for the orphanage! Last year, when Mitch went to Romania, we put together a suitcase of coats and some unsold makeup I had. I love being able to fill those needs overseas!
Praying for your upcoming trip!

BethPie said...

It's SO close!! Do you have any specific prayer requests as you prepare to leave?

Michelle said...

I used cloth for my oldest. I loved how soft his little "bum" felt. There are no diaper services around here...that would have been a nice option and may have kept me from using disposables!

Martie said...

I am so excited for you. We use cloth with Anna and I LOVE them. It just seems nicer having soft cloth around her rather than plastic. (I do wash my own and it is yucky!!) LOL

How long do you anticipate to be gone? - (If this is too personal feel free not to answer - I understand!)

You will remain in my prayers. Can't wait for pictures.


Kimmie said...

Hi Martie and all!

We will be back in 6 days (the 16th)

Please pray for our luggage...that it doesn't go missing...and for our birth mother meeting on Tuesday or Wednesday...for Grace and the right words.


Barb said...

Praying for you, Kimmie! You have been on my heart and in my prayers! I look forward to your return trip as you hold your precious baby girl! Love you, sister!

"Indescribable" said...

Praying for your Birth family meeting and your luggage and everything in between!

I used a service and loved the smell of them, (the clean ones of course!) and the softness, oooo, memories of the sweet years!

Blessings to your family at this time, peace to you all too. Come back and fill me in on everything!

Annie Chase said...

I hope everything goes well on your long journey! I've been so glad to follow along. Can't wait to hear the joyful updates when you all return home!

Dawn G said...

Can't wait to see pictures of you holding your new baby. What a blessing!!
Praying for you,

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