Feb 12, 2009

A father's love

My heart is so full...I was given, by God, a handsome Knight who has so much love.
He agrees happiness isn't a retirement fund, a big bank account or an empty nest someday (honestly, we've never pondered an empty nest!), but has a heart for orphans. (Just so you know, our retirement will be in Heaven!) When he says 'yes' to another adoption, it isn't a shallow yes, but one that throws his whole heart into the matter. He is a man who loves his family with all of his heart- no matter what size God decides that family will be.
I pray for my Knight daily, that God would direct his every step, that God would prosper him health wise and financially, that he will continue to grow in favor with man and God, that he would have an ever growing influence. That he would govern with wisdom and love, that his children would honor him all of their lives. That our marriage would flourish and that God would renew our strength and youth, like that of the eagle.
We are so blessed.
We don't really celebrate Valentines Day per say, but we try to give our hearts daily to those God puts in our path-each other. There is always room to love more, to give more, to serve more , to slow down and be content with such things as you have.
I pray that your heart and life are filled with love and that it overflows into this cold dark world.
Have you thought about adoption? There are so many who have no-one to hold them, to cuddle them, to wipe the tears from their eyes, to tuck them in at night and tell them don't be afraid...honestly, would you ask the Father if he would have you step out to give your heart away to one of the many orphans of this world. Adoption is the Father's heart, adoption was his idea from the very beginning of time, nary a new concept.
I have a girlfriend Angela, she goes to my church. She is one of my hero's. Why? Well, Angela turned 60 this year. She adopted a 7 year old last year, 2 weeks ago she took in a 13 year old boy. She hasn't let a NUMBER stop her from pouring out her life for others. She is a godly woman, tears come to my eyes as I see her and her husband Jon caring for these young men who have seen so many horrors in their few years. And, if the 13 year old, David is 'adoptable' you can be sure that Angela and Jon will say 'Yes, Lord.'
What is more important, the age of your parents or to have loving parents? Come on, this is a no brainer!
While you are waiting to hear from God; hug your spouse, pray for them, tell them how much you love them, go out of your way to do something special for them, do the same for your children...not just on Valentine's Day, but as many days as you are given.
After all, life is so very short, let's use it wisely.
Getting off my horse now, to go do some more laundry ;-)
Love you guys!


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Renata said...

Hi Kimmie
I could tell from when you wrote how your hubby was fasting & praying that he was into your latest adoption as much as you. Thankyou for sharing that beautiful story about the lady from your church - I'm going to share it with Dave. May God bless you.

Shawnda said...

Oh, Amen!!!!! I love this about you Kimmie!!! ; ) We long for our door to be open to orphans, widows, pregnant mom's who need a place to call home all our days! May this be true, by HIS grace!!!

Elisabeth- Truly Blessed said...

AMEN!! Praying for God to direct the path for our family.
Love your blog, by the way!
In Him,

mom said...

Ohhh, such sweet words you've shared! Yes, life is so short and we do need to live each moment wisely for we do not know how the Lord has numbered our days.

Angela must be an amazing person and it sounds like she has much more energy that I do! Praise God that there are women like her who are opening their hearts to children in need of a loving home.

Tammy ~@~

Anonymous said...
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Amrita said...

God bless you both as you embrace the weak and abandoned.

This is a special gift from God.

EEEEMommy said...

Love this post!!! Love you and your Knight and your whole family and your passion for adoption! I continue to pray!

Bobbie-Jo said...

How encouraging to hear your prayers for your husband. :)

Saminda said...

Thankyou Kimmie for these precious words. How blessed you are to have a husband who loves the Lord so much, and has a heart to serve him. You are truly blessed!
I just adore your little princess. And yes, I do have a heart for adoption. Funny, I've always pictured a little girl- possibly twins, and recently Saraya said "Mamma, we should adopt a little girl one day. No, twin girls! 2 little sisters for me!"..........

Adina said...

I'm crying now.

I know that isn't what demonstrates change, and I don't want to sound trite.

Thank you for reflecting a piece/peace of God into my day.

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