Feb 4, 2009

Tea, when the baby was sick

The day after Princess Mercy arrived home from Ethiopia, she came down with a bug. Her appetite was still good, she had a fever, cough and a nose that wouldn't stop running. I added in a bottle of either chamomile tea or echinacea tea in between formula feedings (she still was also eating baby food).
She didn't hesitate a minute with the herbal tea and within a few days she was over the whole 'get sick' thing.
I found some antique glass bottles online, they are perfect to brew the tea in. I fill them about half way, let them brew for 2-3 minutes, retrieve the tea bag out and fill it to the top with a bit of cold water. I also added a pinch of sugar to sweeten the cup...as if you read the print on your formula ...a little sweetness is added. She did drink some sans sugar, but seemed to enjoy the cuppa tea that had a bit of sugar included. *Remember, no HONEY for babies.*
Hope all yours are well and no the other children haven't fallen off the face of the earth. They are busy kissing their new little sister. Trying to hurry and get their homeschool lessons done, so they can play with her as much as possible before she naps.
AND as I waited so long to post pictures of her (and as my other 6 don't mind, as they say they have had plenty of pictures on Mama's blog)...guess you are stuck with lots and lots of baby pictures ;-)
sigh, life is good!


Martie said...

Our social worker, who has done adoptions for over 20 years, said that most babies get sick shortly after they get home. She says she does not know why they do - but almost all of her kids do shortly after placement in their forever home. She thinks it is God's way of giving them extray bonding opportunity with their new Mommy and Daddy.

Glad she is feeling better. Sounds like you all are enjoying her to the fullest. God's gifts are so much sweeter when we had to wait just a bit longer for their arrivial.


Emily said...

Don't worry about us thinking the other kids are neglected! None of your readers think that. We know that adoption is your family's mission and that extends ALLLL the way down to King Bonky.

missy said...

never heard of the tea thing. i'm going to remember that for when we bring our baby home.

Amrita said...

Maybe it was just the change of climate and place which brought it on.
I also have never heard about the tea. Glad it worked.

Saminda said...

hi there,
I have visited your blog many times but am sorry to say I have never left a comment! You are an inspiration to me- I have 3 beautiful children, 6, 3, and 8 months..... and I have a heart for adoption. I love to read your stories and your new little girl is simply stunning. Congratulations to you and your precious family!! All the very best,

Pastoor Family said...

I absolutely love that baby bottle! We have given our kids tea when they were sick too, seems to help quite a bit. **By the way, we ended up getting our family picture and the app is at the agency right now. There is something definately wrong with the camera...I'm calling the camera shop today... It's a very expensive camera...I'm sick... :( **

Have a great day and hope your little one feels better soon!

andrea said...

poor lil one! so happy that you got to care for her and hold her! she is so precious! you are doing a great job as a mom! and you home school too! wow!
adorable bottles too!

The Red Thread Kids: said...

Hey Kimmie,
She is sooo adorable. Lets say it all together "awwwww'

Give that baby hugs for me. I love her name btw. Oh, and can I put a picture of her on my blog?

Congratulations again, family!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Kimmie
Glad to hear the tea worked and Princess Mercy is feeling much better.
It sounds like your other kids love her to bits.

"Indescribable" said...

What a "sweet" baby you have there! (you already know that!) I love her facial expressions - keep 'em coming!
Thank you for your prayers!

Walking by Faith said...

I love this post on the tea. Thanks for the tip! We'll have to try it out, when Liora picks up another bug.

Miss you much!

Cathy said...

Ah, well...she is plenty beautiful to look at. I don't mind not seeing the pictures of the other children for now. :)

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