Mar 22, 2009

Prayer Request Sunday

A new day, a new week, could you use prayer? I'd love to go to my Father in prayer, with your needs. If you send me an email or leave a comment here in this post; I will happily and joyfully pray for you.
Friends let's have a 'Kingdom' filled week, look for opportunities to touch those around you for God's Kingdom here on earth. I also would challenge you to offer to pray with someone whom God puts along your path this week. Be sensitive to His Spirits promptings, I know you will be blessed as you do. Rarely when asked, will a person say no to prayer, it doesn't matter whether they believe in God or not, they will say 'yes' to prayer.
I'll be doing the same, stepping out of that box that I keep finding myself back in. Continually I press on toward more and more of Him and less and less of Kimmie. I still have a long way to go, but knowing that my life can be an influence for His Kingdom really motivates me to action. I hope you find yourself feeling the same.
In the ordinary of our daily lives, let's decide to reach out to God and ask Him to use our ordinary for His purposes, trusting and believing that He is just waiting for the invitation.

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