Apr 15, 2009

Homeschool at our house

Homeschooling with subtitles:
Art...or *creative play* if you'd like...

snack time....or *refueling and taking a breather*

Laundry squeezed into lesson time...or *the daily battle*

Sweet Princess Mercy or *the reason for Saturday school*

The soon to be homeschool graduate or *sisterly bonding*

Learning to read or *having fun*

As we hit April, I begin to talk of the end of school. This year, though we threw in an international adoption (to Ethiopia!), we are still on task. We didn't take vacations and just prior to Princess Mercy arriving, we began to do Saturday school.

I think, by the third week of May, we should be totally finished with our 180 (plus) required days.

The purpose of our Saturday school was to get ahead, looking back, I am so glad we did that, as it put us ahead in most of our curriculum. Honestly, it enabled us to finish up our math curriculum (hear the crowds cheering!) and move to the next years curriculum for 3 of the 6 homeschooled kids here.
Out of all the school 'subjects' math has been the one that has been hardest for us...we start out great, but about 4rth grade we begin to struggle. I was thrilled when 2 years ago we found Math. U. See. My 2nd and 3rd child switched to this, after trying many other programs...and they both love it. (well, love may be too strong a word ;-) They are doing fabulous with it...they have a teacher 'Mr. Steve Demme' who teaches them by DVD. Their only complaint is he doesn't have much of a wardrobe change during the entire course. Princess Sunshine and Fozzdike, then go sit and do their student book, which is all of 6 pages and then a test.
They are totally understanding the lessons being taught by "Mr. Steve" and they move along quickly from level to the next level. This year, we will definitely buy more than one curriculum of Math.U.See for each kid's level, at our homeschool convention (as we had to order another for each in January). If I started out again, I wouldn't buy the block, inserts or fraction overlays, as my kids just didn't need them after the teachers DVD lesson.

As we look ahead to our finish, I realize that we are soon to hit a milestone. Our oldest will graduate this year, which means 13 years of homeschooling will have been completed. I am so glad that God chose this path for us. I am so very grateful for the time that He has given me with this call to homeschool my ever growing brood. To think that one of mine is not yet even in Kindergarten means I still have at least 13 years, God willing, to go. And by the way, I am very happy about that, as I love homeschooling my children.

If any of you are pondering homeschooling; I'd tell you to go for it. It is the best decision you will ever make. The great thing about it, is that YOU will learn so much! Where God calls you, He enables you...He's got all the answers to the questions too. And praise God, no home school plan or curriculum is too hard for God to undertake. He isn't going to say,
"This is too hard, let's think about this."

Oh, the things I have learned along this homeschooling road.
Oh, to think of the things that God is still teaching me....sigh, it's good to be me.


"Indescribable" said...

I wish I knew about home-schooling when my kiddos were little - although as I was pursuing my education degree it was probably well hidden from the likes of me.

I totally see the wholesome connections being made during the learning time and carrying it over to meaningful life. Things flow - make more sense, very little out of context learning - as sometimes happens in school b/c we have to cover curriculum...

Saturday school! One day the kids cleaned up from breakfast and began to get their books and start working - didn't know it was Saturday and that Saturday wasn't a 'school' day.... never mind that! I just went with it, we did our school that day b/c learning never stops right!
love your pics!

Stace said...

Your post makes me long for homeschooling....ours attend our local Christian school. As long as God provides, that's where they'll stay. Learning never stops! It is so frustrating when parents think Education is for school and Spiritual Training is for church. The parents are responsible for BOTH! So glad you are doing it all!

Anonymous said...

Your homeschool looks like so much fun, as does your gorgeous little 'distracter'. I would leave my work till Saturday if I had your princess to play with, too.


Dawn said...

Kimmie, I keep hearing people say they love Math-U-See, but I watched the demo and could hardly bear it. Do you not use the blocks at all?

Michelle said...

I can't sing high enough praises for Math U See! We struggled with math too, until I tried this program. I was disappointed that I 'wasted' my money on the blocks because the older ones didn't find a need for them. But now my littles really like them...and don't do a lesson without pulling out the blocks. Math has finally clicked with them. I love this program.

Oh, and I love your reason for Saturday school. That would make a great scrapbook page title.

Cathy said...

That's awesome that you managed to get ALL your school work done with an adoption in the middle. God is good. A free summer ahead.


Renata said...

Thankyou again for sharing about homeschooling (I'm reading your blog in reverse - I had a break from the computer as we had computer problems after easter & a kids club at church that I was involved in!) I really value your wisdom & experience in homeschooling.

Saminda said...

So.... I am reading all your posts under your homeschooling label. :) Even though it is past midnight, I can't settle tonight.
I have been praying this week about finding a good - no, great - math curriculum. And I've been thinking about Math-U-See. After reading what you wrote here, I'm thinking maybe that's the one for us.

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