Apr 9, 2009

How God put the seeds of adoption...

...in my heart.
I've been thinking a lot about how God prepares us for what He wants for our lives. How He begins early, in planting seeds in our lives for what He is asking us to do. He did for me, so I am sure He did the same for you. I am not His favorite
One of my first 'best friends' was a huge influence on my life. Her name was Dawn, and we spent many years and hours together. Back then, I thought it was all play, but looking back from where I stand, I can clearly see what the Holy Spirit was whispering to my heart.
You see Dawn T. was adopted, she knew it, and her family openly shared it with me. Something about that word, struck a chord in my heart strings; one that continues to sound and draw me to adoption.
Dawn had a wonderful relationship with her parents. Her parents adored her, but not the kind of adoration that leads to a spoiled child, but the kind that leads to a child with a heart that laughs. I think of Dawn and I think of laughter and happiness.
Last Friday, I got a phone call from Dawn, she is living a few towns away and wanted to know that she thinks of me, 'Often,' she said. Her dad, who is now a widower, was over for dinner and was asking if she ever heard from me. Thus the call, while it was on her heart and the moment was available.
Dawn probably isn't aware that God used her life to put me into the purposes He destined me for. After all, we were just children, friends who loved each other and we were not thinking of adulthood or 'calls of God.'
I'm hoping we will get together soon. Life is so busy. When we were friends I wasn't a Christian, we bumped into each other as teens, but not long enough for me to share my new faith. I am praying that God uses our path to point to Himself.
I was also thinking about how passionate I am about adoption.
Honestly, just the word 'adoption' makes me cry.
The fact that there are so many that will never know what it means to be adopted, whether physically in this world or spiritually for eternity sake. That is one of the reasons that I am fanatical about adoption...it takes the lost and hurting and not only rescues them in this life, but it gives them the opportunity to come into a Christian home (as Believers are called to take care of orphans...James 1:27!!) and get adopted into God's family. A family here to be loved by and a Father who will never leave them or forsake them. It's about salvation, its about the evangelical heart God has put within me, the heart that doesn't want anyone to be left lost. Or to be left to suffer, to know loneliness and pain that comes when we are without God, without a Savior who rescues us from death and separation from God, because of our sins.
That, to me is beautiful. I want you each to know and understand the Kingdom beauty of adoption.
I'm praying for you ...that you will dare to ask God,
"Lord, what shall I do about orphans?"
I dare you to ask, I double dog dare you to share this with your spouses and boldly go to God with it together.


Andrew and Amber said...

beautifully said!-Amber

mom said...

I'm excited to see how God will use your heart for adoption to touch other lives, Kimmie!

Tammy ~@~

Kristine said...

When my mother remarried my new dad adopted me. I do know it's not the same as being an orphan. But on the other hand I am also fully aware of the feeling you have when someone decides to love you unconditionally (I have tears in my eyes just thinking about it). Your children will carry that feeling with them the rest of their lives, just as I have.

Roselawn said...

OK, OK... I just found your blog and read your post. Your words are encouraging me to go ahead and turn in the adoption application we have sitting on our counter- completed but waiting for the wave of fear to subside. I will trust God in all things. Could we be on our way to adopting our second child???

Letitia said...

As you know, we have adopted two. There are times when I LONG to adopt again, times I feel certain we are supposed to again at some point. Then there is the other big part of me that doesn't think I can do it again....start over being a mom again. The part of me that doesn't *want* to start over being a mom again. I continue to pray for God's answers. I do know now is that the time, being that my husband is still unemployed, and will be for the forseeable future. The not knowing is not easy.
Blessings to your sweet one year old!

Letitia said...

I do know this...even if we are not to adopt again, he has place adoption strongly on the hearts of my 2 oldest children (don't know about the younger two yet). That is one of the "requirements" in their future husbands....they must be open to adoption! God will continue the legacy through them, even if it is not meant to be for my husband and me!

Michelle said...

I have written about adoption on my blog in the past, and is so very heavy on my heart. It is such a wonderful thing, yet so many christians don't even consider it. I have also prayed about starting some form of adoption ministry at my church. Your little Mercy is so sweet!

The Gooches said...

I stumbled onto your blog a while back while researching adoption. It has been something on our hearts for a while now. We finally picked an agency and sent away for the package and of course received it. However everything has had to be put on hold. You see my hubby is trying to finish up his degree and then complete his Masters, I was supposed to get a transfer with my work to our new location, but nothing has worked out. I am feeling frustrated and upset as it is something that God has been completely speaking to us about and laying on our hearts, but we can't seem to do anything about it! Ergghh! Maybe this is all part of the preparation--the seeding! Your post really touched me as I was just talking to God about this and questioning why all the seeds, why all of the prompting and why all of the people, blogs, websites that I have stumbled upon recently--all to do with adoption. I know that one day we will, I am not that patient though! Thanks for the post and I hope that I can contact you in the future should we have questions, etc. God Bless and you have an amazing, beautiful family!

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