Apr 19, 2009

Prayer Request Sunday

Need Prayer today?
What a privilege it is to pray with someone. Today God let me pray in Sam's Club (food wholesale club)with a woman-bless my husband he took the crying baby from me and forged ahead with the troops to get the shopping done.
I didn't know this sweet lady, but she smiled at me and said that she thought she saw me at church this morning. She was right. Turns out she is new to the church and was looking for someone to talk to. She looked around after church, but didn't see anyone. She was hurting and needed someone to listen to her. I asked her if she'd like me to pray with her. She said, "Oh, yes." She held my hand and right there in the laundry detergent aisle of Sam's we prayed together. She really had some heavy things on her heart, tears rolled down and I hugged her. She really is carrying a heavy load all alone, isn't God good that He sent someone to lighten the load...through prayer. Our prayers don't rise in vain to God, He hears them and answers, not always as we think...but in His perfect loving wisdom.
She stopped and thanked God, before she left, praising Him out loud in the middle of that aisle; for He provided for her heart's desire, of someone to talk with.
I will continue to pray for her this week....she really needs some fellowship and encouragement, God opened a door today. I have a new friend and so does she.
Can I be your friend...I'd love to.
Leave me a comment and I will stand with you in prayer too. I'll be waiting......


theArthurClan said...

Kimmie - I would be honored for you to pray for two friends of mine, Scott and Brenda. The husband serves on our church Praise Team with me and we've gotten very close serving together that way.

On Saturday morning Brenda's parents home caught on fire and neither of them survived. Even in the midst of this horrific tragedy, Scott and Brenda were at church this morning singing praises to God for the joy they find in Him. Two amazing people who are trying to find a way through this very difficult time.

They have three children who are grieving as well.

I truly thank you so much for praying for them.

Kimmie said...

Hi Angie;

I'd be happy to cover Brenda and Scott and their family's. I'll be praying that those who don't yet know Jesus, will meet Him and accept Him through the remembrance service.

May God give you ways that you can reach to their hurt and sorrow.


Stace said...

Kimmie, Thanks for "being there" for everyone! Your blog is a blessing! Could you please pray for my father-in-law? He has cancer basically all over. He was given 3-6 mo. He knows and LOVES the Lord, which is a tremendous blessing...but he called and requested hospice service last week for pain management. May 21st will be his 6mo. point....we're all waiting and wondering and worried. THANKS SO MUCH!

Kimmie said...

Hi Stace;

God bless you and your family. I will certainly cover your father- in-love.

May God create moments for you all to gather together and speak words of peace and joy to each other. I am praying for your dear husband, as this is such a hard time.

God is your comfort and your assurance.

Praising God with you that your father -n-love is saved and has led a life that has brought his Father much glory. The angels will be singing as he joins them...perhaps a song they heard him sing here on earth to his Lord and Savior?


Electric Daisy said...

My family could certainly use some prayer this week...we go back to Court again this Tuesday (the case keeps getting continued!) in an effort to adopt our sweet foster baby. Things are crazy and all up in the air and I am having so much anxiety about the whole thing! Please pray for peace for us all and for God's will to be done. Thank you!

Lovella said...

Kimmie you truly are a dear friend to so many ..and I'm blessed to call you friend too .. God is so amazing to give you eyes to see .. and a burden to share wherever you are.

Michelle said...

I wish I lived closer to you, Kimmie, I think we'd be great chums! God even meets our needs in the laundry detergent aisle...I got goose bumps thinking about your 'chance' meeting!

Is there any way I can pray for you?


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