Apr 28, 2009

Seeking the Holy Spirit

I thought for a change I'd share some of my 'secret place' with you. I challenged myself to get to know the Holy Spirit more intimately.
excerpt taken from my journal with the Lord:
Tuesday April 28th, 2009
I have selected a 'secret place' for time with the Lord (my old yellow porch glider that looks out to the woods). The birds are up and active, singing to the Lord. This morning the birds and I entered into His presence with a new song to the Lord.
The Holy Spirit woke me up early, as I asked Him to last night. He has such a sense of humour...I jumped out of bed at 4:50 thinking I heard the baby crying. As I stood outside her door, I realized it had been the Lord's way of 'getting me up.'
I grabbed a coffee, my bible, my dream notebook, my journal, pen and fur blanket and got myself cosy on the old metal glider.
I entered into His Presence with singing; a new song of love for Him.
I asked Him for a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit, that I would even know His laughter, His moods, His voice clearer than ever before. I asked Him for Wisdom and Revelation and that He would enlighten the eyes of my heart (new understanding).
He led me to Proverbs 14 and then to the book of Ephesians.
As I sat reading and worshipping Him, tears flowed from my eyes. His Presence was so real and my heart swelled with love for Him. Oh, how good it is to come into His Presence. Oh, Lord deepen our friendship and stir my passion for you.
Holy Spirit teach me Your ways.


Lovingmyamazinglife said...

Thats beautiful.I too long for those things.Blessings

Ethioguatemama said...

Your family is just beautiful and I love you blog. Thanks for leaving a comment on mine and God bless!

Sarah Dawn said...

Thank you for sharing your heart and your relationship with the Holy Spirit. His presence is sweet and your life radiates His fragrance. Keep blooming, this world needs your fragrant offering.

Diane said...

Thanks for sharing a bit about your secret place Kimmie. It's an encouragement to me!

mom said...

Thanks for sharing, Kimmie! It makes my heart sing, too!

I often pray the same..."Lord, if you want me up early, wake me up!"...and He has always faithfully done so :-)

Tammy ~@~

Renata said...

You have such a heart for the Lord. Thankyou for sharing. You are such a beautiful person Kimmie.

Amy said...

What a beautiful post, Kimmie. Thank you for sharing these thoughts and desires. We seem to be sisters walking the same path right now...only I have the feeling you are miles ahead on the journey. You continue to inspire me. Thank you.

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