Apr 7, 2009

Simple Homemaking-housekeeping tips

Welcome to Simple Homemaking!
Tip of the day:

Are you having back pain? Not getting good sleep at night and waking up with aches or pains? Before you run to the doctor, how old is your mattress? The life of a good name brand mattress is about 7-10 years. Have you turned your mattress lately? By rotating your mattress you make sure that it is wearing evenly and not becoming 'rutted' because of your body weight. Also a mattress cover is a great investment, it will keep your mattress clean and stain free.

  • A bed board (plywood can be used) under a mattress can firm it up and bring relief to back pain.
  • When you buy a mattress, always buy the box spring that goes with it. If you don't you've chosen to shorten the life of your mattress by 50%. We all can understand that this would be no savings.
  • A good mattress doesn't have to be the most expensive mattress- remember anytime you have a store that has a lot of advertising...their products prices will reflect that ($$$$). Shop around and don't be afraid of going to more than one mattress supplier.
  • And those mattress tags...it is NOT illegal to cut them off, but you'll need them if you have any type of warranty on your mattress. Don't lose sleep if one falls off...the police won't be coming with a warrant for your arrest.
Sweet dreams friends!


Lovella said...

oh kimmie . .good tips. We regularly rotate our mattress. When we bought the little travelling house . . I went right out and bought a memory foam mattress topper . and we discovered that the bed was more comfy than our own. . so now. . I'm thinking of putting a new mattress topper over our about 10 year old mattress. .it could give us a few more comfy years with it.

Kimmie said...

Hi Lovella;

That is a great idea...we've never tried it...but I will have to keep my eyes out for one...as our mattress is also approaching the 'time limit!'

hugs to you dear friend...

Greta Jo said...

I'm in need a good night sleep. Thanks! I hope you are well. I think of you often, Kimmie!

Roselawn said...

Came across your blog tonight... thinking of following it. We have one adopted daughter. Love to see how your little ones have richly blessed your lives. You truly have turned "barren" into "fruitful"!

Anonymous said...

Okay, God is telling me something! We sleep on a very inexpensive mattress on the floor, no bed frame, box springs, just the floor. Maybe it's time to save up and invest in a bed too :) On the mission field, a bed didn't really seem like a necessity, but maybe it will help us sleep better and be more able to serve! Thanks for sharing your life with all of us!
-Hugs from CR, Sarah

Michelle said...

Thank you for giving me permission to cut the tags off! (You made me laugh.) Thanks for sharing housekeeping tips!

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