Apr 14, 2009

Wise Words Monday (delayed)

Wise Words Monday Tuesday
As I was prayerfully considering what to share, I was impressed with the importance of 'refraining from speaking.'
How about if we work on our listening skills this week, and also the spirit of self-control, that shows itself when we hold ourselves back from speaking.
When we are quiet, we are better able to hear the Holy Spirit's voice and His directions for each situation...and the moment. Then we are able to speak words that are a balm to the soul, healing to the hurting and life to each heart.
Listening is pretty much a lost skill. Everyone is in such a hurry, rushing, flying from one point of the day to another, hopefully without leaving wreckage along our path. To hurry means, not often taking the time to allow the Spirit to direct us in what that moment should reflect. How many times have I wished that I had spent the time in listening, realizing after that the person that came to me was 'hurting' and really needed a listening spirit from me, not the quick brush off or empty words. Ouch!


theArthurClan said...

What a beautiful reminder to all of us Kimmie. I especially love the scriptures you shared as well.

Greta Jo said...

Oh My- I needed to read your blog... I am challenged in that area-

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