Apr 27, 2009

Wise Words Monday

Welcome to Wise Words Monday!

Ephesians 4:15

Today I want to share something that can be LIFE changing for us. (us meaning ME TOO!)

God brought it all together for me last night at church, it was a lesson that I had been learning over the last week. How did I finally get the lesson the Lord had been trying to teach me? Well, I asked Him what it was that He was trying to teach me, what was it that I needed to understand.

Kimmie's Lesson:

people: friends

words: things spoken to me...about me

character traits: descriptions of what they saw me as

Now I have to say, the words were sharp. They stung my heart and brought tears to my eyes. As I have had hard situations in the past with people, it is so tempting to shut the door on a relationship. Shutting the door seems to be logical, the problem is there is always more people and you can never really escape. God put us here to have relationships, to encourage each other, to build each other up and to speak the truth in love.

I was hurting, but instead of my old path (isolating myself)...I quickly looked to God. I went to wise counsel and asked if these words spoke truth to me. The Holy Spirit quickly came to me over the course of the next few days and began explaining it to me.

My heart still stung, but now I understood.

What I learned (or relearned at church) was that it doesn't matter what people think about me, it does matter what God speaks about me.

(the answer to the lesson...) God says about me:

I am part of the Body of Christ

that I am part of the Bride of Christ

that I am an Ambassador

that I am a son of God (sons are not just boys/men...but any Believer)

*that I am loved and ADOPTED!

I am a king (He is the King of kings)

I am a priest of God

I am a soldier/warrior of God

(needing to wear my armor to ward of arrows sent by the enemy)

My life needs to not please men, but God. I have to get my mind around that, it's so hard when you want to please people. So hard when you care about what people think of you or what they think of 'when' they think of you.

And this doesn't mean that we don't have to be nice, we do, even when it hurts. After all, people who were Jesus' friends said hurtful things to Him, they disappointed Him, the rejected Him, they abandoned Him. Jesus never said, "I am SO out of here." No, instead He loved them even more. I do so want to be more like Him.

I will continue to ask God to help me to get my mind and heart around this... how about you?


Shonni said...

I liked this....thank you for it! I would write more, but several children are calling to me! sorry

Greta Jo said...

hmm, I too struggle in that area...
Praise God, for blog friends like you!

Sarah Dawn said...

I love knowing that I am not alone in this struggle and rejoice that He is giving all of us the victory! Kimmie, you inspire me, challenge me and bless me with your words. I have started a blog as well. If I can bless someone the way you have blessed me, well then more praise and glory to our Lord!

julie said...

Friendships can be hard. I also tend to retreat. I loved your words.


Renata said...

Thanks for sharing. I'm afraid I often do the same thing & isolate myself. I needed to hear this lesson - thanks!

Emily said...

I'm not as wise and mature as you. I wanted to send a mean email to the person who hurt you. WHY would they want to hurt YOU? All you do is act kindly to others. MAde me angry.

Like I said. I'm not very wise yet. ;)

Jodi said...

Wow...this could not have been more for me today. God is totally teaching me all these things right now, so thank you for sharing your heart...it encouraged me and all the more affirmed what I know God is telling me to do. :)

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