May 14, 2009

Entertainment, how we do it...

B is for Beauty~
Little Beauty wants to be entertained.
How blessed she is that we are ALL happy to oblige her

King Meemer soon realized he needed to build a
fortress to manage the blocks procession to 'castle.'

How he keeps Little Beauty from knocking down the castle
until he beacons her to,


The fortress is ready to be removed....
the invitation is heard and well received...

Here comes the wrecking crew!

Part of the entertainment...Princess Giggles is the sideshow,
as the blocks are creatively set back up for our Little Beauty

Ready for round....hmm, somehow in all of the fun we have lost count !
Joy will do that for you,
it puts you into a place, where time just isn't that important.

Hope you are having as much fun as we are...if not, then come on over.
We'll let you have a part in the entertaining joy too!


Stephanie said...

How fun! It gives me a glimpse of all the fun we'll have when we get our little one home too! :-)

theArthurClan said...

I love that little tongue sticking out. What a beautiful, precious little girl!

Cathy said...

Too cute. It looks like her siblings are having too much fun.


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