May 8, 2009

Homeschool science-snake handling

An afternoon with a garter snake~

(genus: Thamnophis sirtalis-common garter snake)

King Meemer spotted the snake near the edge of our woods.

Mama told them it was a garter snake

King Bonkey wanted to know if it was a 'poison ivy' snake.

Mama showed them how to pick it up and hold it.

our container is to for another...

our container is too small for our wee little slithering friend

A boy and his snake

underneath our new friend

no fear

pretty scales-hand painted by God

A princess' secret joy

being studied

Fozzdike takes a turn

King Bonkey being very brave
(after all it might still be a 'poison ivy' snake Mama)

My boy the nature lover

Princess Giggles didn't want to hold the snake, but carefully watched all of us doing it.

Maybe next time!
Oh, for the love of learning...and without a curriculum.

Got to love those kind of days!


SocialWkr24/7 said...

Bless you for allowing your children to be curious and unafraid! So many parents would discourage these adventures!

Amy said...

Beautiful pictures, Kimmie! Your King Meemer reminds me so much of my Harry. How blessed your children are to have you encourage their curiosity and foster a love for nature. (And what a blessing they have a Mommy who knows just which snakes have the "poison Ivy" and which don't!) :)

Happy Friday! I hope it's sunny where you are, too!


Stephanie said...

Oh, you are much braver than I am! I do NOT do well with snakes. I honestly can't blame Princess Giggles for not jumping at the chance... ;-)

I now know where to send my kids when they need a snakey science lesson! :-)

Roselawn said...

You've got some brave kids. I'd have been outta there!

Stacy said...

I can't believe how old your Princess Giggles looks- just seeing her there in your photos, standing and leaning over the bucket- it struck me how she's grown so much since you first got her! :)
What a treasure, all these beautiful children God has given you, Kimmie! :) I am so, so happy for you. (I love your crossed out "Barren" sign on your sidebar! YES! Fruitful!!!)


Letitia said...

Aaackk!! I with Princess Giggles! Ewwww. Sorry. I'm a bad homeschooling mom. Yes, we would have looked at him and found out what kind he was, but I don't have any ready for that. : ) Now, one of them did almost catch a lizzard today, and loves to catch salamanders....just no snakes. And, yes. Those are the best kinds of homeschool days.

Amrita said...

Oh dear you guys are very brave

Expat Mom said...

What a wonderful learning experience! Who needs to sit inside with books all day when you`ve got real live education slithering past? :)

This reminds me of the other day, Dorian ran inside yelling, "MAMA, I found a SNAKE!" I went out to see and it turned out to be an earthworm, but still, to a toddler it sure looks the same. :D

theArthurClan said...

Ack! I am such a hater of snakes which makes me even more thankful that my hubby does activities like this with our children all the time. They all seem to take after him thank goodness!

Michelle said...

What a great mama you are. I would have screamed and ran away! Someone else will have to do the reptile science study with my children. Want to come and visit? :-)

Lovella said...

I love the commentary of each childs thoughts. . .poison ivy snake was my favorite.

Diane said...

Ahhh Kimmie, you're amazing! I love nature and providing opportunities for my children to explore...but I absolutely draw the line with snakes. I just can't do it! We'll have to settle with looking at them through the glass at the zoo!

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