May 1, 2009

Love is....

Love is: (my list of 10)


seven children (for now ;-)

having a faithful loving husband

knowing the voice of the Holy Spirit


a baby after years of secondary infertility

cloth diapers

spring flowers

my camera (Nikon D40)

What are your ten?


Sarah Dawn said...

living life each day with joy, toothless grins and nose nuzzles, falling asleep in my hubby's arms, an open heart and home for adoption, living a life of adventure for Christ on the mission field, knowing I am a princess of the King, resting in His perfect timing, and learning to hear the heartbeat of heaven.
Besitos from Costa Rica, SD

Kristi J said...

Love is: my 5 children (for now :), their laughter, their chocolate faces, my hubby's hugs, adoption, Ethiopia, family, God, Coffee, and friends.

Lovingmyamazinglife said...

God, my amazing hubby,our children who are blessings-may we be blessed with more,our loving parents,our sweet friends,our loyal warm and fuzzy pets,beautiful nature,quiet times alone,yummy food from the garden,blog friends!

Allison said...

love is...friends, puppies, tulips, fleece, hopes and dreams, faithfulness, breezy summer evenings, crisp green lettuce, still moments on a gray afternoon, and a gentle guiding hand.


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