May 30, 2009

My Beloved Ajuga

A Nosegay of Ajuga
Most would consider it a weed, but to me it is the sweetest of flowers. In my old home it grew rampant in the grass, in the far corner of our yard. I'd purposely allow it to grow free and tall, along with the grass it shared its space with. Often my old neighbor would stare at my lovely patch of Ajuga...obviously he didn't understand its true beauty. He'd cock his head as I'd kneel down to pick large bouquets to grace my home.
Oh, how I love May. Oh, how sad I will be to see it go. My sweet children know how I feel about the month of May (and Ajuga). They offered, with all seriousness, to pretend that June was really May still; how sweet to be so loved.
And yes, I planted some Ajuga in the grass here too. Also, in the garden where it wanders about, always looking for a new little corner to bless me in...oh and it does!


Quinne said...

"They offered, with all seriousness, to pretend that June was really May still..."

Kimmie, that is so, so sweet! Love you! Q

Sarah Dawn said...

I love your view of looking at a weed and seeing the beauty as a flower. Sometimes, I feel like a weed, but God must see me as His flower as well. I'm so thankful He has a garden where we all can grow!

Keep watering HIs seeds,
Sarah Dawn

mom said...

Ajuga does not look familiar to me, so it must be something local to your area? I think it's beautiful, Kimmie :-) I don't blame you for intentionally planting it!

I think May is my favorite month of the year, too. I cannot believe how quickly it has gone by this year! Much too busy is possibly the greatest reason :::sigh:::

Tammy ~@~

Stephanie said...

Ditto what Quinne said! So sweet!

All our neighbors {and my husband} hate dandelions! But when Audrey picks them special for me, I love me some "weeds". :-)

Renata said...

What a pretty flower it has - I can see why you like it! May is pretty here as well - it's getting crisp & the deciduous trees are loosing their leaves. But I guess my favourite is spring too - so Sept & Oct are definitely the prettiest time of year for us!
Your children are the sweetest! You are doing a wonderful job.

Michelle said...

I love May too! It's my favorite month of the year.

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