May 24, 2009

Prayer Request Sunday

Welcome to Prayer Request Sunday!

If you are new here, today is the day to let me know about your prayer requests. I will happily bring your requests before God, believing that He is waiting for us to come together with them.

Leave me a comment, or send me an email to let me know what we will be praying about this week.

Bless you my sweet friends!

And hey, did you read about our Sewing Seeds mission?


Andrew and Amber said...


I would love it if you would pray for our family. Our court date was last thursday, in which we didn't pass. They have been unable to locate our son's birthmom. We have no new court date. They are still looking. Please pray that she is found and that we can pass and get him soon! thanks

Roselawn said...

A prayer of thanksgiving for faithful servants like you whose sole mission is to seek His will by becoming a prayer warrior for others!

We have put in our application for foster care/adoption. Waiting for the next training to come close to our hometown.

Velvia said...

Hi Kimmie!
Would you please pray for my precious sister, Debbie. She has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and will be having surgery in a couple of weeks! We know that God is able!
Thank you so much!

mary grace said...

It's no longer Sunday, but I am new to your blog and wanted to comment, so this seemed like a good place! If you'd like to add us to your prayers, I have two foster-adopt boys who are coming up on termination. Prayers for that process would be appreciated!

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