May 6, 2009

Remembering Ethiopia (our adoption trip)

Various meals at the lovely Union Hotel, Addis Ababa
* a mixed salad

*A tunafish sandwich

*their version of spaghetti carbonara (cold)

*see the coffee to the is authentic Ethiopian...and it is strong and delicious
(I truly miss it.)

* A lovely rose

*vegetarian sandwich *very yummy, I ate several over our 5 days!

(don't remember what this it was one of our traveling mates sandwiches)

* chicken sandwich

not sure what type of animal this is, but isn't he really cute!

As we waited in Addis Ababa at the Union Hotel for all the details necessary in our adoption, we enjoyed eating in the main floor restaurant. The chef was so creative with everything he served us. Oft times, we found a tiny little animal made of vegetables accompanying our order. How sweet to make us stop and smile in the midst of all the emotions that run in the last leg of an adoption.

There wasn't much Ethiopian food on the menu, but many choices that would please the American palate. Sometimes a dish would arrive cold, instead of hot...I wonder if they just didn't know that we would eat it hot? It was always beautifully presented and tasted good to anyone hungry.

Everyday this sweet cook stuck his head out of the pass through from the kitchen. He would smile and wave and bow as we acknowledged him. Unfortunately there was a language barrier or I would have clearly told him what a blessing he was to our group. He smiled and encouraged our new daughter Mihret (Mih-heh-ret) to laugh and wave at him. She gladly obliged.

How I wish I had taken his picture. I have such fond memories of the times we all sat around the table there. Of all the wonderful wait staff and all the kindness' they poured out upon us.

Oh, that God would bless each of them and that someday we would meet again-and I'd snap pictures to show you their beautiful faces. Maybe, perhaps next time I won't be so shy and will instead gather all of them in pictures.


Anna said...

For me, every birth or adoption has an aura of sacredness around it in my memory. The clothes, the food, they all glow when I think back on them. Don't you think so too?

"Indescribable" said...

oh such lovely little creatures to dress up your dishes! We didn't have these little creatures, nor did we have a male chef... did you get the fried spaghetti for breakfast? I heard about it but we didn't get to experience it...

My heart aches for more Ethiopia. Wish we were there longer and had more opportunitites to take in more sites and such. Hoping to have another opportunity someday.

Yes, the coffee is delish!!

Kimmie said...

Hi Maria;

We did have fried spaghetti! It was actually very yummy...I had to take it apart, as I was convinced it wa funnel cakes...I was was fried spaghetti.

I wonder why you didn't have the same chef? The one we had was wonderful, in fact the vegetarian sandwich was one of the best I ever had (and as a vegetarian I have eaten MANY over the years.)

Oh, I hope the chef we had will be there next time. He had the little chef hat and everything.

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

Allison said...

Those critters atop the sandwiches are ridiculously adorable!

I'm going to an Ethiopian restaurant in a few weeks. I've heard that Ethiopian is quite similar to Indian (which I love!)

Sarah Dawn said...

Looking forward to making memories in Ethiopia someday too. Thanks for giving us a taste of what is in store.

Hugs from Costa Rica,
Sarah Dawn

Michelle said...

Hopefully he'll be there for the next adoption and you can get his picture then :-)

I love the little animals. So cute. What was on your vegetarian sandwich? It looks delicious!

Kimmie said...

Hi Michelle;

Your guess is as good as mine, they used spices that we don't have and one time I found spaghetti hidden in side the homemade patty. They were really delicious though.


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