May 27, 2009

Sewing Seeds Project...two skirts to give!

Hi Friends!

I am so excited to share the two skirts I sewed yesterday! I never would have believed that I could manage two in one day. I didn't think Princess Mercy (13 months) would cooperate, but she did (with the help of siblings!)

What fun I had creating pattern; just my heart.

I rummaged through my sewing stash and within a very short time came up with two darling skirts to give to children in Costa Rica. My mind was trying to picture 2 little girls trying on their colorful skirts, with big smiles on their faces. Twirling children, laughing children, blessed little ones, who in other moments walk with a heavy load. Doesn't this make you feel like jumping into this to plant seeds in their lives?

What a blessing it is to give...won't you join Randi too, in this Sewing Seeds Project. Sweet Randi has all the details, so pop on over and get sewing! (or buying we could use some sturdy boy shorts too!)

a simple wrap skirt-
four pyramid shape panels, one waist band/tie and a button hole

Princess Sunshine and I thought it needs a little more....

*My oldest said it is a little on the heavily ornamented side...but I love it! I am sure some little one will love to fill that big pocket with her tiny found treasures!
Princess Giggles was happy to try on the finished skirt!

Thinking...maybe I have time for a couple more...
perhaps a wrap skirt that can be two skirts in one?
I am sure I have some more fabric in the barn!


Stephanie said...

Very cute!
I have looked through my fabric stash and I'm sure I have enough to make a few skirts - maybe not as long as yours, but down to the knees. Would that be ok?
And I'm picking up some elastic today to make them super simple and able to fit any size tummy. :-)

Allison said...

I love the wrap skirt! In all your free time ;) do you have an etsy shop or similar?

The second one is delightful. I'd love to know what that lucky little girl finds and stores.

Kimmie said...


Knee length is great...honestly I made mine long (with elastic) so it would be able to go to a variety of ages (both my 10 year old and 7 year old wore it comfortably).


Nope, I don't have an Etsy. Though my oldest would like to start one...but figuring it out is the issue ;-)(a detail of time).
Thanks for thinking my skirts are sell worthy...your sweet.


Sarah Dawn said...

What a beautiful way to include all of the family in missions. I can see the precious brown eyes sparkling with delight at they twirl in their new skirts. As a missionary in Costa Rica, knee length skirts would be fine as well (especially for little girls).

Happy sewing,
Sarah Dawn

Amy said...

Well done, Kimmie!

I have always considered myself more of a buyer...lacking the skill to be a sewer, but I am inspired! Thank you!

I sure do wish we had met before my family was headed away from CT!


Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Kimmie
The skirts are beautiful. I love the style and the fabric. You made them in one day? Wow you did great. I will pray for your daughter and her forthcoming trip and all the people whose lives will be touched by her visit there.
Best Wishes

randi said...

Those are so cute, Kimmie! I am lovin' that pom-pom fringe. I can just imagine the smile on the face of the little one who receives it!

Renata said...

They are so cute! I love the "heavily ornamented" one & think all little girls will make good use of the pocket!

Renna said...

The skirts are darling, Kimmie; and what cute little legs poking out below them. ;-)

Jill said...

Hi Kimmie!
Oh, it is so nice to "meet" your sweet family! The skirts are so cute!
Your children are even cuter!!
Jill from The Glen

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