May 26, 2009

Thoughts set to words

As we sit on the mountain top,
soaking in the sun's warmth,
I look down through your tangle mass of dark lashes,
through to your immense dark eyes and all they hold.
For a moment I understand~
all that you have known since your birth,
in a matter of 12 months of life,
you have known:
Sorrow and Joy,
Tears and effervescent Laughter,
Loss and Gain,
Fear and Trust,
Loneliness and Bonding,
Lack and Abundance.
Your time in my arms has taught me;
God's amazing supernatural love,
His absolute faithfulness;
His favor~
which tastes like you sweet Ethiopian daughter.
Love your Mama


Shonni said...


Amy said...

So beautiful, Kimmie. Beautiful.

Allison said...

So beautiful, especially her eyelashes.

That is one lucky daughter. And mom. And family.

Renata said...

This is just beautiful - just like your daughter!

Thanks for answering my questions the other week - it did help a lot!

Sarah Dawn said...

Her eyes, your words, His heart!

Till I can snuggle my Ethiopian hugs and kisses,
Sarah Dawn

Letitia said...

Kimmie, I have just written a blog entry requesting prayer for a strong spiritual battle that we are facing. Would you please come over and read it and pray? Thanks!

Linda said...

What a beautiful poem. Blessings to you and your beautiful family.

Neesie said...

So are such a blessing! :-)

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