Jun 21, 2009

Adoption ~Kingdom business...and Prayer Request Sunday

God has put it on my heart to use yesterday's post for today's Prayer Request Sunday. Shawnda had asked me to stand in prayer with her family, I'd be glad to do that with you as well.
Read on AND let's "do" what His family is supposed to...

Looking for an opportunity to be a blessing? Have adoption on your heart, but not sure what God wants you to do with it?

Well, I have a wonderful opportunity for you!! Would you like to help an orphan climb into the arms of his Mama and Papa?

My passionate friend Shawnda, Spirit of Adoption and her equally passionate hubby Jason Kovacs, Abba Fund Blog, are in need of some support for their latest adoption to Uganda. They are not using an agency, so are not able to apply for grant help to assist them with the cost of this adoption. Shawnda and Jason have several cool ways that you can come along side of them in this Kingdom opportunity...


Shawnda has made a list of prayer requests too...time is of the essence...please prayerfully consider what our Father would have YOU do. There is a beautiful Ugandan boy who is waiting to come HOME!

***spread the word!***


Quinne said...

Hi Kimmie :) I visited the prayer request link and am praying with you. Love, Q

STEPHANIE. said...

hello, I made a couple skirts I need to get mailed to you ASAP. please email me your address. thanks. fever.overjoyed@gmail.com

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