Jun 26, 2009

A little rest

Somethings that I hope to be doing:
learning to knit a pair of mittens (thanks Emily)
start my second pair of socks (knitted on double pointed needles)
make a couple of crocheted baby hats for Mercy
read All Creatures Great and Small
read my bible as the sunrises
have the Holy Spirit speak to me
receive a fresh vision from heaven for my family and me
take a long walk in the woods with my family
take more pictures and videos

How about you...any dreams for your summer?

and by the way...

Please feel free to leave your prayer requests, I never stop praying!


Quinne said...

Hi Kimmie :) You are a joy, and I thank you for the way you share your heart so openly.

As I consider your question it occurs to me that I have lots of plans - but dreams? Really just not to miss a single thing He has for me in it.

Thanks for the challenge to stop and think about that! Love you, Q

Andrea said...

Kimmie, Thanks for sharing your dreams for your summer, as it's made me realize I too should write down some dreams so my summer is not over in a flash with me looking back saying, where did the summer go.

Love you, Andrea

Shawnstribe said...

Kimmie, you have a blessed summer, andGod will fillyou up abaundantly!!!!

My hubby'savet,and we live a bit like the James Herriot stories ; )

our piggys have just arrived : )
i do have a prayer request, and it's not ajoke, really...i too have my hearts desire to wake up early,but my lazinessgets the better ofme,and i roll over most days :(
to seekHim early...

Amrita said...

Kimmie, when you post your prayer request please post a request for Kishen.

He is a Hindu convert suffering with throat cancer. Kishen has a young family.

He 's been through chemo and now he is having radiation therapy. Because of ulcers he cannot swallow anything.

Sarah Dawn said...

Refreshed again. Your words inspire me to dream, dream with God for today, for tomorrow, for eternity. And thank you, for your prayers, they drench me in His love.

Dreaming big,
Sarah Dawn

Stace said...

Hi Kimmie! You won my drawing for the book Blood of the Prodigal! email me at therauchhouse@juno.com with your address!

Sounds like you have plans for a great summer! We're already LIVING our plans! Relaxing, playing, bikeriding, fun! More time at the library! We've already gone on vacation! I LOVE HAVING MY KIDDOS HOME ALL SUMMER! There are days i long to homeschool and others...not so much! I get a little jealous of you now and then!

mom said...

Ohhhh, I can ditto so many of your restful activities and add to the list my heart's desire to pour myself into the sewing of a few quilts for those I love :-)


Tammy ~@~

Renata said...

What lovely plans - I hope they all come to fruition. Obviously we are in the middle of winter, but I´m still enjoying the middle of the day when it is still lovely outside - actually I even enjoy the mornings & evenings - the crisp coolness!

EEEEMommy said...

I hope you are enjoying your time away from the blogosphere!

I have a prayer request that I know you would love to pray about. At this very moment, we are enjoying an orphan boy from Eastern-Europe, considering and praying about whether we should begin the adoption process. I blogged about it briefly, and will post pictures soon. http://thesakeofthecall.blogspot.com/2009/07/could-it-be-us.html

This has all happened very suddenly, and it's all a bit overwhelming, but we are trusting God. We want to be obedient!

Grace and Peace,

UKBob said...

Hi Kimmie, I just wanted to wish you and your family a happy 4th July, I hope you all have a really great day. Bob.

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