Jul 20, 2009

Some good preaching...

If only His Church would wake up. I know not *all* are called to adopt...but there has to be MORE than there is NOW!

Too many excuses Church...there are orphans to whom God commanded us to care for. You KNOW He adopts us...He is the Spirit of Adoption...

Seek Him, ask Him, don't wait, don't make any excuses, don't say *soon* or maybe in a few years, there is a child right now who needs you.

Won't you step out as His hands and feet and love a child who wants and desperately is praying for a family?

Waiting until October...when we have passed our required 9 months post our last Ethiopian adoption...to jump back in and bring another of our *family* home.

*This is a comment that I left on my friend Amy's blog...thought you might like to read it too. Her post stirred my heart and reignited the passion God has given me for the Church to wake up to James 1:27 ~ caring for His orphans!*


Anonymous said...
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Renata said...

Very strong words & very challenging.

Sarah Dawn said...

You continue to inspire and challenge me dear friend. Looks like we will be in the process with you.

Sarah Dawn

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