Jul 23, 2009

It broke...what should I do?

Sweet Baby Mercy licked them for the last time.
My hand beater (I think that is what it is called) kicked the bucket. Actually, one beater kicked the bucket, the other still wants to go...but gets stuck in the *non-team playing beater.*
So what should I do? I have a KitchenAid stand mixer that me mum bought me when we moved here. I don't keep it out on the counter, though it is a lovely vintage green, as it just takes up too much space. I use it occasionally,but it was always second fiddle to the lighter hand model I am afraid. All about *fast* for me I guess.
Should I go buy another hand blender?
If the answer is 'Yes' to the new blender...what kind would you recommend (as my pictured one was at least 10 years old.)
Honestly, I use it for cakes and frosting-which with 7 kids happens often enough...but is it worth it to get another and have it eat up so much of my kitchen drawer space.
Such hard decisions...;-)

Funny, I never knew it was a *Spatula Smart*...
what does that mean anyway??


Hope said...

Well at least she got some enjoyment out of it's last use! =)

Sarah Dawn said...

The blender bit the dust, but the picture, simply too precious. Ours died a while ago too, I just learned to whip really fast with a wire whisk! Makes my arms tired, and our fresh whip cream supply has seriously dwindled. So my advice, buy a new one, just to keep taking those sweet and gooey pictures.

Blessings for your day,
Sarah Dawn

The Park family said...

Personally I would figure out a way to keep that LOVELY Kitchen aide out on the counter! SO many women would kill for such a treasured commodity! I use mine at least daily but also have the hand held one too. I only use it on rare occasions though since I LOVE MY KITCHEN AIDE! Hand blenders have not come that far so any one will due just fine.... I used to have a 'one butt kitchen' and it was difficult to find room for my kitchen-aide, but I made room! I used it more often than I would have if it was hidden! Just my 2 cents!

Anna said...

I was just about to say what the previous commenter said. You've got to get that Kitchenaid out on the counter ready to help! It will never fail you, and it's so easy to pop the bowl and the beater in the dishwasher when you're done. I use mine at least once a day!

Valerie said...

Oh honey, use the kitchen aid! I used a handheld for years. I have a kitchen aid and didn't use it often. I thought it was more for big things. Then. One day. I used it to mix cake. It now has a lovely corner on my counter. I use it for EVERYTHING. I even have a shredder attachment for it so I can shred all of the cheese we eat. (we like cheese) (and cake) :)

If you can find a little smidgen of a spot to keep your Kitchen Aid out and accessible I think you will like it.

BittersweetPunkin said...

I have had the same mixer for the past 17 years...LOL...I couldn't even tell you what kind it is!

I'd love to have one of those larger models but I don't have the space for it either. :)

I actually have to go buy another iron...my MIL is coming for a visit and she irons everything...I don't iron at all.

Have a GREAT weekend!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Kimmie
I have a blender similar to that. It must be over 20 years old as it was my husband's before I met him! Sorry I am no help with recommending a new one. Hope you find something suitable soon.
Tumbling down the hill looks lots of fun. I bet this is a great place for sledging in the winter too.
Hope you are having a good summer. Our schools have all finished now. Yippee. Summer here we come.

Stephanie said...

I didn't have a "KitchenAid" mixer, but I did have a similar counter-top mixer. I just sold it in our garage sale and bought a hand-held to replace it. I don't like clutter on my counters, so I have minimal things out. It was such a bother to keep the big one stored in one of my cabinets and then lug the whole thing out every time I needed it.

I love my new hand-held one. It was a simple one from Wal-Mart [Hamilton Beach]. I can't guarantee/recommend how long it will hold up because I've only had it for a few months now. Anyway, my vote would be a hand-held!

Suzanne said...

I'd use the big guy, but if you must buy a hand-held, get a kitchenaid.

BethPie said...

Oh, Kimmie!! Use that KitchenAid!! ;o)

I've had my cobalt blue KitchenAid stand mixer for over 16 years and it's still going strong. I use it regularly; I don't have a ton of counter space, but my mixer is a prized possession and has a place on honor on the counter!

Love the adorable picture!! :o)

Sondra said...

What a great photo! She is growing so fast. I can't believe you have a kitchen aide and don't use it! I think you should dig that out and try it. I am sure you will love it after a few uses.

Expat Mom said...

Mine has the exact same problem right now. I'd go with the KitchenAid since you already have it . . . if you need another handmixer down the road, they can be had pretty cheaply.

Your little gal is growing SO fast! You'll have to start looking for another baby soon, she's almost a little girl!

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