Jul 6, 2009

My Orphan Dream

I know I am on a rest...but wanted to share the dream I had last night with you.

I am a young dirty orphan girl. I am alone and begging in the streets. My hands are so dirty that I can't tell the actual color of my skin. I am hungry. I desperately search the ground to find stray coins, so that I can get some food.

I meet an orphan boy. He is as dirty and hungry as me. We decide to stay together to look for coins for food.

Many years go by, we are still together, dirty and hungry, but now we are teenagers. The King sees us digging with sticks in a back abandoned field, we are looking for lost coins. Occasionally, we find a dime or a penny, we look all day hoping to find enough to by some bread for our aching hunger.

The King brings us into his castle. He adopts us. I marry the orphan boy who is now a Prince, cleaned up I can see He is my *Knight.* As we sit in the very beautiful room that is ours, outside the door a line begins to form. Orphans have been dropped off outside the door, knowing that we will take them in. Knowing that the King will let us keep them.

In my dream I am still a teenager, but now I am a mother of many. So many orphans brought into the King's protection, into His loving care. I am chosen to be an instrument of His love.

That King in my dream was Jesus...and the mission is very real. I really was an orphan, but God adopted me into His family, when I asked Jesus into my heart. He has a plan for my life and though no one has yet brought me their children...the Holy Spirit has brought me 6 beautiful children, who once were orphans too. Perhaps a line is forming outside the door?
The door is God's and He will certainly tell us when to open it and invite those orphans to come in to stay forever.


Mashel said...

That is such an awesome dream, and yet such an amazing reality. Beautiful

andrea said...


Christine said...

THanks for sharing your dream. I came across the comment you left on our adoption blog of Dennis. We are about to travel to adopt another little boy we met there.

Renata said...

What a beautiful dream with such a powerful message. Thanks for sharing it.

Kristine said...

God has given you a vision for orphans. He knows you will follow his will for your life. God Bless you as you open the door.

Stacy said...


Duckygirl said...

What an amazing heart the Lord has given you!! Thank you for popping in from your break to share this with us!!!


McNew Family said...

That was an awesome dream! Just found your blog - pleased to "meet" you!


Stace said...

Wow! Beautiful!

meesa4ever said...

I just found your blog. I have family members who are adopted and someday I plan to adopt :-) Thanks for posting.

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