Jul 19, 2009

Prayer Request Sunday

Happy Sunday~ Welcome to Prayer Request Sunday!

Do you need prayer, would you like prayer, will you trust me with your prayer requests? I'd love to come alongside of you in prayer.
Our God is BIG and all that is on our heart is important to Him. Let's go together to Him, through Jesus our mediator and tell Him what is on our heart.
When you are adopted into His family and serve Him with all of your heart~ we can take confidence and great joy in prayer.
Prayer doesn't mean just seeking an answer, ultimately it means we are seeking HIM!
Psalm 27:8
Your face Lord, do I seek.
1 John 3:23
We receive from Him whatever we ask for, because we (watchfully) obey His commands (orders) and (purposely) practice what is pleasing to Him.


Allison said...

Please pray that A. and Shannon will get back together. Please pray that God will move Shannon's heart back to A, and that Shannon would open her heart to A. and give A. a chance. I have been praying so, so hard for them!

For myself, I'd love if you could pray that I find a job :)

Thanks, Kimmie! Can I pray for you?

Kimmie said...

Hi Allison;

Praying for you sweet girl. Don't worry about the job...God has plans for you. Praying for your friends.

For me...well, wisdom in parenting and for more energy for some housekeeping tasks that need my hand. (we are doing an addition, so we can have another free bedroom (think adoption!)...but need time to remove all the stored items in the space in the next 3 weeks so the builder can get busy. Need to clean, reorganize and *release* some things.) thanks Allison.


Kimmie said...


and I thought of another thing you could stand in prayer with me for.

I have a friend who I have been praying for ~for awhile now. God has put her heavily on my heart. This girl doesn't know Jesus *yet* as her personal Lord and Savior (a Savior saves you, a Lord you chose to serve with your life). I continue to ask God to help her understand who Jesus is...so she can invite Him into her heart and life.

Would you believe with me in prayer for her? He has a destiny she can only reach if she surrenders her heart to Him.

God has really put her on my heart. Funny how He does that sometimes.

thanks Allison...really!


Letitia said...

There is someone very important in our life whom God has shown us very clearly He wants to bring a major change in some of their belief system. They have been under false teaching concerning "requirement" for salvation. God has given us several promises in our prayers and directly in His Word that He is working "little by little", and that this is His will (Of course, it's His will for His children to know truth!) Please pray with us that our friend will be able to cast off the former teachings (brainwashing in some ways), and open their heart and mind to the truth He wants to reveal to them. Pray also for the strength of my daughter, who is the one sharing with them.

#2 My oldest daughter leaves this Wed. to spend a month in Kenya on a mission trip!
Thanks Kimmie.
So happy for you to see you are looking forward to your next adoption.

Anonymous said...

This is a bit of a strange one,but we found a small puppy the other day,in terrible shape,we cleaned her up and fed her,and have taken her to the Humane society.Its been hard on our family to wonder if she will find a home,so can you pray this ,small girl puppy finds her forever home fast,she was so scared and shaking when we took her their.We pray she will be taken care of.We like to help Orphans or the human and fur kind.

American History said...

Keeping you guys in our prayers as well. We lit a candle at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher thanks to http://HolyLandPrayer.com. God bless.

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