Jul 26, 2009

Prayer Request Sunday

Would you like prayer? I'd love to pray with you,
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Sharing time:
Yesterday I was sitting on our deck and a teeny-tiny really shiny blackish-blue beetle, landed on my arm. I had never seen such a pretty little beetle, so I sat motionless watching it. As I did, I noticed that it was rushing about in so many directions, climbing, turning, rerouting itself.
The Spirit began to speak to me and I began to see *us* in this little bug. How we go about in busyness, oft times not getting anything accomplished, except wearing ourselves out.
I watched the bug for a few minutes and thought, how can I keep from living my life like this insect? The difference of course is prayer. If I set my eyes and heart on God and seek Him truly for each breath and where that breath will carry me that day, then instead of idle motion-we get Spirit led motion.
I watched the bug sit down finally (who knew a bug could sit?) but sit he did. As he rested, he remembered that he could fly. The resting helped him. Prayer is God's rest for us too. As we speak to Him in prayer, with a heart full of confession and worship, we enter into His perfect rest. When we are rested, we are then ready to get up, follow Him and allow Him to pour us out along the path.
Praying you will find time to sit before Him~ To soak in His goodness, His Love, His faithfulness, to get yourself refilled and refueled to go about serving Him with your life.
When you sit with Him, you will remember you have God given wings. Wings that allow you to soar to new heights in Him, that allow you to see victory in your life. Let's stop walking over mountains that God never intended for us, let's not loose sight of the path God wants for us. A narrow path that we so easily walk off of.
Father, give us time to sit before you today, help us to seek Your face and Your heart for our lives. Help us to find those wings You have given us, and let us use them for Your glory. We ask it in Jesus' name, amen.
Isaiah 40:31
Yet those who wait (rest) on the Lord will renew their strength, they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not grow tired, they will walk and not become weary.


Allison said...

Please pray that I pass my bar exam! It is July 29 and 30.

Please pray that I find a job, soon.

Please pray that God will continue to soften S.'s heart, and that God would let S. know that it is OK to return to A. Please pray that S. would take A. back and return to their home, together, as a strong, healthy couple.

Thanks, Kimmie!

Sarah Dawn said...

Your words always bless my day! Thank you dear one, for battling for us. Right now, God is asking me to soar to a new height, but I still have little fears holding my wings down. Would you pray for me today, to spread my wings, shake off the doubts, and simply trust in my Abba to teach me how to fly.

Besitos from Costa Rica,
Sarah Dawn

Anonymous said...

Please pray for a young mama named Kate. She gave birth prematurely to a little girl this past Monday because her kidneys began to fail with no warning. She (Kate) is in ICU as she had a stroke on top of everything. She is in critical condition. Her husband, to my knowledge, is not a believer. She is just starting to open her eyes, so the damage from the stroke is not known yet. Please pray for her healing and for all involved. Baby is doing well~ Praise God!


Kathy said...

This is my first visit to your blog, and I am so touched by your offer to pray for us - for me!

On September 15 I will be returning for 3 weeks to Uganda, where I helped to start a little orphanage last October. We need to relocate while I am there, and I need God's wisdom and direction to find the right place. We would love to take in more orphans, and have African volunteers ready to help, but we need more monthly sponsors for the children, and funds to pay the rent. Please pray for speaking opportunities and other contacts between now and then. We are praying that God may raise up people to stand with us in our ministry, so that more children might be rescued from their life of hopelessness, and brought to Redeemer House, to be cared for and shown the love of Jesus. We want them to know Him as Savior, love and serve Him. Also, I am taking a wonderful 21 year old young woman named Elisha, who is planning to stay and work at the orphanage for a couple of years. Please pray for her adjustment to Uganda.

Thank you for praying! I know God will bless you for your heart to lift others up in prayer.

Beth said...

I *love* Isaiah 40:31...it's been the verse that I have claimed during most of this time that my husband has been out of work and we have been waiting. This is a time of renewing of our strength and he is teaching us to wait.

Please pray for three jobs that are possibilities for him right now. Also, about a few adoption things that I am praying through right now (I can hardly wait anymore to start our journey!)

Thanks so much, Kimmie! ((hugs))

Renata said...

You have no idea how much I feel like that bug at the moment - thanks for the reminder to stop & pray.

American History said...

Keeping all of you guys in our prayers as well. We can all light a candle at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher thanks to http://holylandprayer.com. God bless.

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