Aug 24, 2009

A Blessing from God

Today was a pretty awful day. Attacks on every side, one of those days when you just can't wait for it to be OVER. Anything that can go wrong did, and throw in kids that don't want to play by the rules and well, you guessed it, just plan ugliness!
After the kids were in bed, I snuck away to look at my latest downloads off my camera. I decided to play a little with photo editing, as it always makes me feel better and something I barely can find time for these days. How could I not shake off the dust of the day and choose joy instead, when I see this beautiful Ethiopian daughter that God blessed me with.
The baby has had croup over the past few days, the Mama was so tired and the devil just knew it was a great day to come at me from all angles. Little did he realize that a grateful heart makes praise rise from my lips. Praise and worship drive him quickly away.
Thank you Lord for today, help me to be quicker about entering into your gates with Praise. Thank you for walking with me today and for reminding me of my wonderful blessings in the midst of another battle.


Anonymous said...

And your joy bubbled over into my night as well! Just found out today that the little ones (just born) are flooding into YWAM Ethiopia and they can match us and hand the precious little ones over to our agency at any time, no extra cost. And a possible permanent housing solution in the works, (in faith) means that we can continue the process with our homestudy.

Your Ethiopian princess blesses me beyond belief. Since I have 2 boys, I only wanted boys. But the Lord is asking us to bring home girls as well.

Hugs to you mommy warrior,
Sarah Dawn

Stephanie said...

She is absolutely adorable. Love the little pigtail bobs sitting up there on her sweet hair. :-)

I definitely know 'those' days! Good for you for finding joy and praising Him regardless!

mom said...

What a sweet picture, Kimmie! Yes, you'd think we'd learn to turn to praise much quicker than we do because it ALWAYS works in wonderful ways, doesn't it?! Silly us....

Tammy ~@~

Shonni said...

How I love seeing into your sweet mothers heart. Some days are so hard, yet, even our hard days are worth all for our Savior and our precious families. Thank you for sharing your heart always, my friend!

Lovella ♥ said...

I needed that too .. .Praise as a weapon . .somedays it seems the world is against you . .but then we shouldn't be surprised should we.
Your picture edits was worth every minute. . .very darling.
Hope she feels better soon.

Katie said...

She is just darling... what a sweetie! I hope she gets well very soon! I'll be praying for her.
Much love,
Katie :)

Our journey said...

What a great reminder K. There is always room to praise and worship no matter how attacked we are feeling.

HouseOfSmooches said...

What a precious picture!!

Cathy said...

A sweet picture of your little princess. I know what you mean about photo-editing lifting your spirits on a bad day. Gratefulness, praise, and a little perspective...all great answers to the devil's schemes.


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