Aug 24, 2009

Motivational Gift Survey

The Church is not a building, but is made up of men and women who actively put their faith in God and use the gifts and talents He has given them, to set about doing Kingdom business.

A few weeks back I was talking about knowing your God given gifts and talents.
In a bit of housecleaning, I discovered that I had bookmarked this site some time ago and thought I'd share it. It is rather short and to the point, I guess it gives you less of an opportunity to answer
*like you think you should.* It takes all of a few short minutes, give it a go and let me know what you discovered about what God has given you.

So what did your giftings lean towards?

Want to take a peak at my results?

The Perceiver:


The Server:


The Teacher:


The Encourager:


The Giver:


The Ruler:


Showing Mercy:


Not sure how accurate this is, but hey, its nice to have a clue as to where your giftings may fall. I was totally surprised by the definition of *ruler*.

*Encourager* I thought was my strongest gifting, followed by *perceiver* - then may 3rd place *teacher.* Hmm, something to pray about!


Erin said...

very interesting personality test/gifting test. i really enjoyed how it expounded the Scriptures. Apparently I am 80% teacher, with a tied second of server and ruler. Hmmm. lol!
I guess that confirms my 'stepping up' involvement with our Sunday school this fall.
:) Erin

Anonymous said...


Question/favor really. Can I borrow your idea for Prayer Request Sundays? I want to pray for the people on this blog adventure that I have yet to meet. I also wanted to start a place where other prayer warriors can come and battle each week for those that leave a request. But, of course, I wanted to ask you first.

Blessings for your day,
Sarah Dawn

Anonymous said...

I had to do it too! My husband is teaching a full week in the Discipleship Training School on Destiny by Design (knowing the plans God has uniquely created you for ...)

For me, it came out giver (really high), encourager, mercy and server.

And yes, I peaked at yours, but it said all 0%, so you need to share with us too.

Sarah Dawn

Kimmie said...

Hmmm, not sure why my answers are no longer there Sarah? They were when I of the mysteries. Will try to figure out what happened.

Of course you can do a prayer request on your blog. What are you going to call your post?


mom said...

Interesting results you ended up with, Kimmie. I'll have to come back and click your link tomorrow as I'm afraid that it would say 100% sleeper for me tonight! ::yawn::

Tammy ~@~

Stacy said...

Okay, here are my results:

ThePerceiver: 70%
The Server: 80%
The Teacher: 55%
TheEncourager: 85%
The Giver: 85%
The Ruler: 70%
Showing Mercy: 84%

I'll have to go read the lengthier info, now. I think it's kind of funny that my "The Teacher" category is so low, considering that I'm the educator of my children! ;)

Dan and Tara said...

Thanks for this, it's beenr eally interesting for me. I plan to do some more study on it... I was at 85% w/ teacher at my all time highest. Totally shocking ot me. Once again, will have to do some study and prayer

Cathy said...

I was teacher, server, mercy, giver. Totally not encourager or ruler. I'd love to be an encourager though. I love those people.

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