Aug 2, 2009

Prayer Request Sunday

When we pray, we commit our hearts to what we really value most in this world.
How about me standing in prayer with you today? Please let me know how I can pray for you...
nothing is too small or to BIG to bring together before God.
Leave me a love note and we'll get right to it.
From my heart:
God had me do a little spiritual stretching this week.
On Friday the baby had her 15 month old appointment at the pediatricians office. The day before, God impressed on my heart to speak to her doctor about something God had spoken to me for him.
Now normally I am pretty bold, but as the time grew near, I began to *talk myself* out of any spiritual sharing with him. As I drove to the office I finally agreed with the Holy Spirit, that *IF* He'd make a way (and it was clear to me) that I would share what the Holy Spirit had told me.
Guess what happened! ;-)
Five minutes into my appointment, and the doctor says, "This is way off what we are doing, and may seem a bit strange, but last night at a church meeting..." God had opened a door. Without a doubt I knew this was my moment to share as I had been asked.
Dr. Walker finished and I said, "Funny, as you shared that, I thought you might speak about adoption, as God has had me praying for you and your wife for the past 6 months." I then was able to share what God had spoken to my heart. After I did, he thanked me. He received what I shared and at the closing of our time together with the sweet Ethiopian Princess...he kissed her and again thanked me for the prayer and for sharing what God had impressed upon me for his family..
My heart was so full of joy after I did as God asked. What a faith builder for not only me, but for my children; as I shared how the Holy Spirit had made a way for the conversation.
This morning, as my Pastor was preaching, he asked how many of us had prayed and seen a supernatural miracle happen. Many raised their hands, in my heart rose, "God, I can't say that I have, but Lord if there be any miracle come for my eyes to see~ Let it be that Dr. John Walker and his wife, hear Your voice and move towards bringing a child you have destined for them home. Let me raise my hand next time Lord."
So here I stand, praying, hoping and believing that soon I can say that I too saw the supernatural, unexplainable workings of our awesome God in my own life BECAUSE of prayer and His Power.
Adoption, it is my hearts cry.
Jeremiah 33:3
Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.
Matthew 6:10
Your Kingdom come. Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.
Proverbs 23:12
Apply your heart to instruction and your ears to words of knowledge.


Sarah Dawn said...

Your words and life are instruments in the hand of our Lord to speak directly from His throne to the hearts of His children.

Dear one, I've let go of the world and grabbed His cloak. Would you pray that I would grab hold of even more, because my heart is no longer content with just the hem.

Sarah Dawn

mom said...

Thank you for listening to the Holy Spirit, Kimmie!

My devotional has been going through a section about the Holy Spirit and how we seem to forget that as believers the Holy Spirit indwells us with all the characteristics that come to mind when we think about God. So, all that we think about when we consider our Heavenly Father or Jesus is true of the Holy Spirit. But how often do we really think about that? It truly is something that I *know* but it is sinking into my heart deeper....

Please, could you pray for my son who is in his last week of Army Airborne training...he does the actual plane jumping but has been concerned because he has a sore shin. One wrong move and he'll end up with a broken leg...yikes! Pray that he would not favor that leg and cause injury! God's healing would be the best :-)

Thanks! You are dear to me!

Tammy ~@~

Luke said...

We're still waiting for our adoption to get moving. Your prayers are always welcome!

And, I'm feeling a little--okay, a ton of!--stress at the moment. We've got a very cool new thing going with Sonlight, but we're trying to get a good image for the page. Such a stupid, little thing to get all worked up about, but it's bugging me. Your prayers that this all goes well are appreciated as well (and that I get my head on straight). Thanks so much!


Paula said...

Thank you for allowing the Lord to work through you. May your ears and heart be ever so sensitive to His words. Thank you for sharing your faith.


American History said...

Beautiful prayers. Our prayers go out to you all. We should all light a candle at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. We can do that through God bless.

"Indescribable" said...

Hi Kimmie,
I was a little worried about people's reactions to my 'name changing post'. I respect people's decisions to change to not to change - what burns my nerves is that my mom's friends, the soccer coach, my mother in law, my friends are insensitive in front of Mulugeta... I mean Jack... Many of the comments are; "So what are you going to call him?"

Today my mother in law told Selam...aka Honey, that she should be called Olivia. She said no. When we got in the car Mulugeta said that in Amharic Olivia sounds like the opposite of what he is, Orthodox Christian.
:-) x o,
Lots of times I just smile. This time I needed to vent. Thanks for sharing the meaning of your beauty!

Letitia said...

We believe that the Lord has told us He is working supernaturally in the heart of someone very close to us. We have been crying out to Him on this person's behalf, and the promises were there in His word and His voice. It is quiet now, as we trust, try to hang onto those promises, and wait expectantly.....trying to lose all doubts. I cannot WAIT to see the miracle God is going to do.
I pray you see your miracle as well!!

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