Aug 16, 2009

Prayer Request Sunday

How about some prayer? I'd love to pray for you this week- leave me the details and I will gladly cover you in prayer.
When I pray, I pray to the Father (God) through His only Son (Jesus), asking the Holy Spirit to guide me in wisdom and knowledge, as I lift you up in prayer. Prayer does not change God, it changes the one who is seeking Him. May our prayers this week lift us to a new level of faith and fill us with a new degree of His Power and Purposes!
Hey, and if you are not sure who *this* Jesus is....I'd be happy to introduce you to Him!
With much love~


SocialWkr24/7 said...

Could you please pray for my current finacial situation? I just started a new FT job, lost my PT job, and need to move to a new apartment in the next month or so. I am waiting to hear about an application I just put in on a new place, plus I need to start looking for another part time job. Thank you~ God Bless~

Allison said...

Can you please pray for my dear sweet friend Shannon? She is yet again at risk of having her company shut down...the board is meeting next week; please pray that they vote to keep the company open.

Kimmy said...

Kimmie . . . I haven't visited here in quite some time . . . blogging is kind of on the back-burner for me right now, as much as I hate to admit it. But what I wanted to tell you is that your blog encourages me greatly. I feel so spiritually refreshed and often challenged by the words you share on your blog and I just want to thank you for sharing what you do. God is using your blog as a way to encourage others and I feel blessed and privileged to have a blogging connection with you.
I too would like to request prayer over my current job situation and our financial situation in general. My position was cut to 50% for the upcoming school year and my husband has had a major decrease in his opportunity to work overtime hours. God has proven Himself faithful in the past when we've found ourselves in lean times, but for some reason I am experiencing severe anxiety over this and this anxiety is spilling over into other aspects of my life. Please pray that God would provide a sense of peace and that I would have the strength to just turn this all over to Him COMPLETELY. Thanks, Kimmie. I really appreciate you!

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