Aug 30, 2009

Prayer Request Sunday

Welcome to Prayer Request Sunday~
~Here we share our hearts and allow God to move in our midst. God has put it on my heart, to stand in prayer with anyone who is willing to share their burden with me. I believe our prayers rise with power, as we stand in belief together; like a sweet incense before God.
I'd love to hear what is on your heart and begin carrying it with you to God.
When I pray, I not only give Him your request, but I listen to what His Spirit is saying. I believe that our God is changeless. He is still the same God -who spoke to His people. I believe God has given me a gift, not only to intercede, but also to hear His voice. I'd be honored to do that for you too!

On my heart:
Last week when I was praying, I clearly heard the Lord speak a name. He said, 'Rebecca.' Post prayer, as soon as I found a minute, I began researching the meaning of the name. It meant *to tie or to bind.* I pondered what it could mean and why God spoke it to me, but before I could think on it too long...(2 days later)
I received an email.
In the email it said that there were two sisters in Ghana, who needed a family. Have you guessed it yet? The older was named Rebecca. Which I thought rather strange, as it didn't sound much like an African name to me. Since the email, we have had their pictures sent to us- I have been praying for them and asking God to in particular bring peace and hope to sweet Rebecca.
I continue to pray as God leads and direct me. We are asking God to bring them a family, to let us know if it is perhaps even us.
We can truly know the very heart of God, if we but humble ourselves and place ourselves quietly at His feet.


Sarah Dawn said...

Sweet one, your faithfulness to prayer continues to bless me. I know that on Sundays, a friend waits to pray. You inspire me, and I have joined you in the battle.

Blessings to you,
Sarah Dawn

mom of 3, hater of cheese and birds said...

Thank you for all the sweet comments you put on my posts (and YES whip the egg whites first) :) Please keep praying as we are near the end of the appointment phase to become missionaries to Hungary. We have been prescreened and screened, and given enough bloodwork to work for the FBI. sigh. It is a long road and I need prayer to stay focused on Him and faithful in the process.

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