Aug 20, 2009

Treasures~Past and Future!

I was cleaning out some bins in the attic recently and to my surprise found something that I had given my Knight, way back when. I had thought they had long ago been lost, however that was not the case at all. It made me think about some other very important things:
A long time ago...
I was dating my Knight and wanted to make something for him.
In my mind, homemade means love~it always has, it always will.
I was 18 years old and I decided that I should knit him a pair of fingerless gloves for a gift. He was away at university and I set about, with the help of me mum to surprise him.
I wasn't much of a knitter, but with mum's support, I was able to bless my sweet boyfriend. You see, he was off studying hard and I wanted something tangle to be with him while we were apart. I think he was very surprised and happily wore them about campus.
Funny, how now my 18 year old wants to knit them. We've been looking for patterns that aren't too complicated, something that her *mum* can help her with. She doesn't have a boyfriend, but is looking to whip a few pairs off just for the fun of it.
Any suggestions friends as to a pattern for Pirate Jacky?
I am so proud of our oldest *homemade* daughter, she has a heart for God. She is waiting for her Beloved to come, she isn't interested in dating, though there are many guys who would love to have her on their arm, I am sure. She is a hard worker, diligent, self motivated, honest, loyal, talented, creative, lovely and quite the busy bee. Sometime in her early teens, she made a vow with God to wait on God for her mate. At 16, her Papa took her to Ireland and together they chose a purity ring, a tangible symbol of her love that was *on hold* until God brought her knowledge of *the One,* He had made only for her.
What a beautiful gift she will give and receive-what a priceless treasure.
When God brings her Knight into her life, boy will he be blessed with all she is able to do and the fact that she kept her heart free for JUST him.
Memories not only reflect our pasts, they make a beautiful path into our futures~to which I am so very thankful!


Sarah Dawn said...
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Sarah Dawn said...

Sweet friend,

I am praying the same prayer of purity over my sons. As knights in the kingdom of God, the Lord has set aside princesses or pirates, just for them.

Blessings to you Kimmie,
Sarah Dawn

randi said...

I am so happy that miss jackie is waiting on God for her man. He has a perfect one in mind for her and He will lead her to him, in His timing. The story of Isaac and Rebecca is so encouraging---Rebecca was just doing what she did every day and God saw fit to drop Isaac into her routine. He knew when she needed to be at the well, and she was obedient to be there. God is really nice like that!

I do know a couple of AWESOME guys that I would love to introduce her to, but that is probably getting in the way of things, right? :(

***Funny thing---the word verification for me in this post is "matingly". Interesting!

Paula said...

How wonderful to find an old treasure, with heartfelt memories. Aren't knights wonderful, and the Lord is holding your sweetone's for her to be revealed in His time. Our Lord is so wonderful.

Lovella ♥ said...

It is such a blessing when your children choose well. We are so blessed with our "by love daughters".
One thing that you might also want to pray about which my daughter by love's mom told me after the wedding. . .
She had prayed that her "by love" sons would be a good fit. . .they would enjoy being together. . .and then her girls would have lots of fun as two families. I was amazed at the wisdom in this. . .that had not occured to me. PS. . .her sons by love. . .are great buds.

Kimmie said...

Hi Lovella;

Thanks for the wisdom!

I have been praying that God has put the same heart in them that He has in us...that they have a heart for orphans and for our honestly, I see us all working together. (praying for *gifts* that will be an asset to the orphanage...a doctor, a dentist, a handyman, a nurse, someone good with finances and running the business end of taking care of orphans... all godly on fire men AND women of God (hey! my sons need godly wives too!)

God is good and I know He is preparing the perfect spouses for my children, as we continue on bent knee, to raise them in the way they are to go.

God is in the details.


Rose said...

Bravo for waiting on God to bring you your own Beloved! I waited for my husband, and shortly after we were married, I actually knitted him a pair of fingerless gloves just like those! lol! Here is the pattern I used...I found it pretty easy to follow, but if you have any questions about it I might be able to help you through email. :)

(hint - I added my own decrease after the thumb so that the gloves are more shaped rather than square all the way down)

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