Sep 23, 2009

Homemade with Love

Because I needed to have a smile on a very busy day, I decided to post this fleece diaper cover I made for our Ethiopian Princess.
In between the fleece, I added an old flannel lined plastic tablecloth to keep her dry, I saved the monkey from a t-shirt from Old Navy, that was just looking beyond it's day. I threw on some Velcro tape for a fastener, stitched everything in place and wallah, instant joy and happiness.

Tobin, our cat isn't admiring the diaper cover; he is eyeing the graham cracker she is eating. Or perhaps he is ready to make friends, the baby is still hopeful!
And I do love cloth diapers!


Quinne said...

Hi Kimmie :) So we are re-defining the term "cutie-patootie" today?

Thanks for the smile! Love & hugs, Q

missy said...


Lovella ♥ said...

Terribly cute and how did she know exactly where my spice drawer is. . .darling baby.

Anna said...

Have mercy--that little brown body!!

andrea said...

how positively adorable! ...she looks like one busy lil princess!

Renata said...

That is just so cute! I love the green colour!

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