Sep 12, 2009

Prayer Request Sunday

Welcome to Prayer Request Sunday@ Over the Moon with Joy!
Can I pray for you this week? Don't carry your burden alone...let me help you lift it into the arms of our Father. Please leave me a comment with your prayer need-
don't feel silly either;
as it is my absolute pleasure to stand in agreement with you sweet friend.
On my heart:

We have been awaiting this week for months now, my Knight and I are putting our newest adoption before God this week!! We are taking some time as a couple and as a family to seek to hear from heaven, as to where we are to prepare for our children to arrive from. Seeking God on *who* and *where*...knowing He knows and that He is just waiting to tell us.

It reminds me of someone waiting on the corner of a busy intersection for the courier to come, delivering the important longed for message. Our delivery agent will be the Holy Spirit, the message will come to us sealed with authority that only God himself can give. I am sure as we tear open that heavenly envelop, our hands will be trembling with sheer joy at His beautiful coming gift(s) to our family.

Oh, Lord how great are thy ways and how magnificent are your plans!


my fellow prayer warriors...We'd love your prayer!


Valerie said...

How exciting! Special family time and time deep in prayer waiting on the Lord for more little ones! I love it! I pray that you will hear from the Lord and that He will bring you great joy as you take the next step in growing your family. :)

Valerie said...

PS... if you want to pray for me pray that this baby comes OUT! ;) 3 days past my due date today. Love being pregnant, but am so done.:)

Stephanie said...

Like I said last night, I would LOVE to pray with you and for you - for God to reveal His plan for your next child(ren)!

And could you pray for me? Since we've been home, I've been a bit emotional. It feels like I'm always in a PMS mode and can't snap out of it. I have feeling like I'm on the edge all the time...

Quinne said...

Keeping you close in prayer, Kimmie :) Love, Q

Renata said...

Will join the others in praying for you. Looking forward to your new journey.

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