Sep 27, 2009

Prayer Request Sunday

HI~ Welcome to Prayer Request Sunday!
Today I stop and gather your prayer requests, either via a comment left at this post or through an email you send me. Then I take them before the Lord throughout the week, seeking God's face with you.
Anyone like prayer? Even if it is something you already asked in a previous week, it's good to let us know you still have need. I say us, because we all are called to pray for one another...I don't have any special ticket to God's throne that you don't. It is wonderful though, to stand believing together before God;I hope all of you will feel welcome to come with us, before God this week.
Hope you will fill me in on what is on your heart.
Bless you sweet friends-oh and by the way if you didn't stop by early this week...soon, we will be announcing our newest adoption plans...totally different than what we had thought. My family and I are beyond excited!


Parsley said...

First time stopping by your blog. Yes, I would covet your prayers for relationships to be healed.

livin4gzus said...

You don't know me but I covet prayer for my job situation. Also for my knee to heal quickly. As I read you blog I pray for you and your open home. May God continue to bless you as you step out in faith down the path He has call you to.

Anonymous said...

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