Sep 20, 2009

Prayer Request Sunday~Yippee!
How are you dear friends? I hope you had a fabulous week and that God's fingerprints were all over your life!
I'd love to pray for you this week? Anything special that is on your heart? Please leave me a love note or drop me a private email and I'd be happy to join you in prayer.
How happy I am that prayer doesn't require a license. Anyone can come to God in prayer, but oh how He loves it when we come together.


Greta Jo said...

Hey Kimmie- Would you kindly pray for my relationship with my brother's girlfriend (soon to be something more)? We do not connect-

mom of 3, hater of cheese and birds said...

Hi, as a family we are pretty WORN out with the start of a busy season preparing for overseas missions. Please pray for physical and spiritual health; some days it seems like we're under attack, but I know God is my protector, my Shield.

Beth said...

Hey Kimmie - Please pray for my husband and me. We lost our unemployment benefits this past week. We praise God that we were given a sum of money to cover the rest of our bills this month. Pray that God would not only provide for our immediate needs but also provide a much needed, much hoped for job for my husband. Thanks so much!

Stephanie said...

Hey Kimmie,
How did your week of prayer go? I have thought about you several times this week and prayed for God's will to be revealed to you. Any Word from above?

Dawn said...

I would be privileged if you prayed for me. We are close approaching the expiration of our Guatemala postponement contract with no sign of anything happening there. Yet, we've been given no other direction from the Lord. I have a myriad of feelings and emotions, much too much to express here. Plus, I just got back from a mission trip to Africa and am experiencing a bit of the "down" after the trip. Your prayers would mean so much to me. Thanks for sharing you heart.

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