Sep 18, 2009

Summer is Fading into Fuzzy

Not sure I am ready to say good-bye.
I am a lover of summer and a *disliker* of fall.
Sorry, *Mama not let you say 'hate.'*


Lovella ♥ said...

A disliker of fall? OH .. goodness. . then you must go where fall is beautiful. ..and colorful .. and windy with leaves fluttering to the ground . .. I love it ..

Happy Fall!!!

Anonymous said...

I allready miss Summer,and am looking foward to Spring myself!Pray for our next adoptive placement please!

Anonymous said...

If you haven't discovered each other yet, I'm thinking you would love to "meet" someone, named Dorothy, of Minneapolis.

Shawnstribe said...

i know what you mean, i feel my heart gets torn out of summer, but does relish the fall, but winter....mmm....not for me....but spring...the Hope of things to come

Renata said...

These are beautiful pictures! I love summer as well & all it has to go with it - it's always sad to see it go.

Cathy said...

But hasn't this Indian summer been great? Has it been an Indian summer where you are? It was almost 90 here today, which is quite warm, even for summer. I actually feel like I might, maybe, there is a possibility...that I may be ready for Fall. We'll see.


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