Oct 2, 2009

143 Million Orphans, Minus One

Wishing we could see to Ethiopia, this weekend...
This post won't have pictures of our new Ethiopian daughter, nor will it have her name; as we are sworn to secrecy, until we get a flag from Ethiopia saying we are ready to go.
(I know so hard to wait.)
What I can tell you is that she is :
  • sweet...we will be referring to her for now as *Princess Sweetness!*
  • we don't know her age, but she is somewhere between 9-12 years old.
  • she has been in an orphanage for almost 5 years, waiting for a family
  • she is a Christian
  • she has been praying for a Christian family
  • God has answered her prayers

  • God has answered ours (remember we went on vacation to hear His voice, in regards to this adoption...the *where and who*...God spoke clearly and very specifically!)
  • she is being represented by a wonderful agency...Celebrate Children
  • I want to adopt the Director of Celebrate Children, Sue Hedberg ...she loves Jesus!
  • I so want to be like Sue...she has rescued 1,500 kids to date

  • (back to Princess Sweetness...)
  • she speaks a little English
  • her orphanage is in Woliso, Ethiopia
  • she isn't very playful and is a little quiet...but we know a God who can heal her hurts and restore what has been stolen from her by the Enemy!
  • she has a gentle tender spirit
  • she has a beautiful smile
  • she is teeny-tiny
  • this weekend she will learn that God has answered her prayers for a family!

The bunny looking out of the window will be traveling to Ethiopia this weekend (I sewed him up for her and stuffed him with lavender!)...Sue Hedberg will be delivering it for us to Princess Sweetness. She also will be giving her a photo album of us, some clothes, a few hair bands and barrettes, a necklace we made for her...each of us designed and colored a card stock heart, we signed them on the back, laminated them and strung them on a simple ribbon for her to wear until we arrive~ to give her our hearts for real;

9 hearts that God has prepared for her to have forever.

God is amazing.

We need to do some fund-raising; as we need to raise $20k to bring her home. We are also praying right now, that God would open the door and the finances to a second (non-related) child...as it would only cost another $6k. Seeking God, won't you join us?

...once I figure out how to do a fund raising button...we'd love you to join us in this too. Oh how I wish I had 20,000 friends who could give us $1 to bring Princess Sweetness home, perhaps friends who will help us receive another $6k too?

And...were we surprised by God's plan? Hmmm, yes...

but the peace we have and the *knowing,* kicks the *surprise* right out of the picture and instead puts our arms open wide, to receive all that God is preparing for us!


julie said...

Oh Kimmie, I am so excited for you. I love your heart for the orphan. What a blessing your family will be to this little girl. My prayers will be with you as you try and raise the funds you will need.

mom said...

Ohhhh, to think of how God has answered the prayers of Princess Sweetness! Continuing to pray for you!

Tammy ~@~

Hope said...

This is so beautiful! Praying for your family!

Kristen said...

What a blessing your family is! Thank you for listening and heeding to His call. I am praying for God to open the doors of heaven and pour out the blessings needed. I wish I could be a fly on the wall when Princess Sweetness finds out she now has a mommy and daddy to love!

Duckygirl said...

I am SO excited for you!!! Your heart is truly amazing and I can't wait to hear more and more about this as you go along.

Your friend,

missy said...

what a beautiful story of god's sweetness to this princess and your family! i have heard great things about sue and celebrate children. congrats!

Sunday said...


I'm so happy for you and your family! Congratulations! Can't wait to see pictures of your girl!


Angel said...

Kimmie - Congrats on your new additions. I'm saying additions because we serve a great GOD and I'm sure he will provide all you need two bring home both children.

God Bless!


Shonni said...

That is so wonderful, Kimmie...
We also use Celebrate Children and I love them!!

Valerie said...

The heart necklace made me cry. :)

I'm so excited for you! Your family will be in my prayers.

Sarah Dawn said...

Rejoicing with you! Oh the sweet princess will be blessed beyond belief. Lord, open the storehouse of heaven and reign down your provision on this family, devoted to radically hearing your voice, obeying with joy, and reaching the nations one child at a time.

Hugs of celebration,
Sarah Dawn

Barbara A. said...

Awwww! I am so happy for all of you! Praying for finances and for a healed heart for Princess Sweetness.
God Bless! Barbara

Stephanie said...

I am so happy you made the announcement! We are praying with you! And I can definitely say that she is beautiful! Cannot wait for photos of her home with her forever family!

Erin said...

Congratulations Kimmie! I'm praying God shows up BIG and both of these children can come home!

neely said...

she sounds sweet...and i love that she is being adopted even despite the odds in her life and in your life! blessings on this journey to bringing her home!!

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...


Open the windows God...send down the showers of blessings, and move a mountain of MONEY to this family.

andrea said...

wow...what a wonderful surprise! i have tears streaming down my face...she is getting a mommy and daddy and siblings that are so in love with her already! and your heart in bursting with joy! Mine too after this wonderful news!

Roselawn said...

Praying that God's hand guides your journey to the next family member (and hopefully two)! Exiting news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beth said...

Great news! I am so happy for you guys. I pray that it's a quick and easy process, you raise the money you need, and she will be able to wrap your arms around her very soon.

Quinne said...

Hi Kimmie :) Wow! Rejoicing with you and praying. Love, Q

Anonymous said...

The stories you have shared here about your adoptions touch my heart. Our daughter and her husband are adopting form oversea as well, and our hearts prayers parallel your hearts prayers. Your faith and trust encourages me. These beautiful children who have such a need for a loving family, and also the love that God has infused into each of their lives that they will give to their family is just so amazing. Blessings in this journey to bring your Princess Sunshine home. Kathy

Isabel said...

Oh what wonderful news! You will be a most amazing mother to this precious child - and to the second one, too! Praising God with you and praying for ALL the finances to come in - soon!

"Indescribable" said...

This is super news! I was waiting to hear what you and GOD have been working on! I want to know more! When do you go? Does she speak Amharic? I'll have to look up her location. Tell me more!
God bless this next step! I'm so happy for your growing family! Do you think you'll ever pick up and go over the ocean on a long term orphan care mission?

HouseOfSmooches said...

Ohhhhh I'm so excited to hear this fantastic news!! God is so good.

Dardi said...

I am envisioning your sweet girl as she opens her gifts...It must be a beautiful sight to see the glow of hope return to a child's soul. Blessings to you & her!!

Bobbie-Jo said...

Wow! Congratulations, Kimmie! I hope it's not too long a wait for you all. :)

Blessed Again said...

Congratulations! How wonderful! (Did you find this agency through another AGCI family whose parents adopting siblings using CCI?) I can't wait to hear more about when you'll travel again...and to see pictures of your newest princess! -Heather

Stacy said...

Wooo hoooo!!!!!!!!!
Yay, Kimmie!

I was waiting eagerly for your announcement! Praying for your Princess Sweetness!

Kimmie said...

Hi Heather...and all!

I'm going to answer your question here, in case anyone else wants to know:

We never heard of CCI. I receive notes from many agencies through Rainbow Kids~ on a frequent basis...on Rainbow Kids we put in our parameters on adoption-they link us to hundreds of agencies.

While on vacation Adoption Ark told us we had *too many kids* for the two little girls in Ghana, (that they thought would be a *match* for our family).

Two days later Celebrate Children sent us an email saying they might have some children we might want to look into further. I requested a password (kids are sometimes protected this way within an agency) and then found Princess Sweetness. She was not the children we went in to look at.

I saw her and immediately knew. When I told my Knight (about an hour later when he came home)...within 3 seconds *he knew too* Within 24 hours we had spoken to the agency and had verbally committed to her.

Fast...but we have NEVER been more sure! *A reminder, it was a vacation given to us, we used it to pray together about *the who and where* of our next adoption....

I cried when we found out CCI was a Christian agency. I cried more when it was VERY evident that Sue was truly living out her love for Jesus. What a blessing. As (with adoption) you go whereever God has your children...not necessarily to a Christian agency.

I've found a new friend in Sue Hedberg, the director...what an awesome woman of God! (*maybe she will mentor me and someday I will stand in a similar place of service??)

I love that it is such a warm and friendly agency. I love that already I have gotten to know two families who are also in similar places to my Knight and I. The client area is so organized and *warm.* I feel like I'm not a number, but actually part of their family, sigh. ;-) And I just found out my good friend Shonni is using them too!

They are guessing after paperwork, maybe a 5 month wait. Our homestudy is pretty current...hoping we will be in Ethiopia again in spring. God willing.


Letitia said...

How wonderful, Kimmie. I am so happy for you all. What a blessing your family will be to this precious little girl. May God bring her healing quickly.
Sorry to have been so quiet for so long. I have been away from blogging for a while.

Expat Mom said...

I'm so excited! How wonderful that everything came together to help you find your new daughter and for her to find the perfect family! Can't wait to "meet" her.

Christine said...

Congrats! The age range you have chosen is just wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kimmie,

This post brought me to tears. God bless you for what you are going to do for this sweet princess who has been praying for a mama like you.

Life must be so hard for older orphans.

May God help you to heal her wounds.



Joy Portis said...

KIMMIE!!! What wonderful news! I bet I know exacly who your daughter is...I can't wait until you finally reveal her face so I can see if my guess is correct! I am rejoicing in all of their waiting children that have found families since I looked at their waiting chldren last month! This has made my night! Praying for you and rejoicing for her and your family who will both be blessed!

Kathy C. said...

How exciting.

BethPie said...

Kimmie and family, I'm so, so happy for you all! Another precious daughter! I'll be praying with you for all the needs related to Princess Sweetness and the adoption process. Wish I could give you a big hug! ;o)

Anna said...

Get that paypal button up, girl!!

Michelle said...

So exciting. I have goose bumps!!! I wish we were on this journey with you!

mom of 3, hater of cheese and birds said...

so excited for you! you have really been an inspiration to me not to put a cap on our own family size just yet! We'll see what God does when he hopefully, prayerfully, get to Hungary!

Our journey said...

Kimmie- My heart is filled with joy for your princess sweetness and you her family. God is so good. May He fill her heart with joy and prepare her for the love of all of you! You and your knight have such God filled hearts and your love for orphans is so evident. I consider it such a blessing that I got to meet you. My prayers are with all of you!!

Kristine said...

Kimmie, I was so glad you shared with me on Sunday. I will keep you in prayer as you seek him for a second blessing.

Dominique said...

I am so excited for you. It is definitely a calling for that age and I know God will bless you. Freweyni is doing much better adjusting. God is healing her heart daily. She will be 15 on January 1st. Time flies!! I can't wait for ya'll to meet your little girl.

Diane said...

Kimmie, I am rejoicing with you tonight! Praise God for answering the prayers of Princess Sweetness!

I thank the Lord for your heart for adoption. It is a joy to see others who are burdened for these precious orphans. About a year ago we had the privilege of fostering an older child and we had so hoped to adopt her, but the Lord had other plans. I can say it was an incredibly rewarding experience to minister to her while she was with us and to see the Lord work in her precious life. I will begin praying for Princess Sweetness. The verse that comes to my mind right now is a verse that is very near to my heart. Joel 2:25a "I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten." I know the Lord will restore your precious princess!

I think I mentioned to you in a prayer request that we too are adopting again. Our bundle is due November 15th. We are eagerly preparing!

In His grace,


Renata said...

Congratulations Kimmie. I'll join you in praying for your new daughter & your whole family during this time of preperation.

Robin said...


Lynne in NC said...

If you'll email me your address again... lost in the shuffle of a remodel! I'd like to send you a gift. I'm am so excited for you and yours!

Persuaded said...

Oh, how terribly terribly exciting!! I am the very blessed mama of my own Ethiopian princess and I so wish I could adopt again... it's in my heart, that's for sure♥ I'll just content myself with rejoicing with your family and your new Princess. Blessings to you all!

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