Oct 12, 2009

Educational Games?

Wondering out loud:

Are there any educational games that have the option of being using with a headset (earphones)? At an early educational level?

I am thinking that this would be a good thing to pack for our LONNNGGGG trip home from Ethiopia for our new daughter~Princess Sweetness. Any ideas?

Looking for things that teach letters, letter sounds, being read to-where you can follow along with the written story, making simple words or sentences. Something that would help her learn the new language and be fun at the same time. Is there such a thing or can you tell me of something else that might work-not only for the plane ride, but for teaching tools for homeschooling her.

Can't wait to hear your ideas and thanks so much!


Kristen said...

I'm not sure about the plane ride (still thinking), but when you get home...you could use a metal sheet pan and magnetic alphabet letters to start working on the alphabet. Also I would make word cards and tape to household objects like the sink, stove,mirror, bed, chair... that way she is seeing the language spelled out on items that she uses often. They will stick in her mind and you can build on them. For example if she learns the word bed, then you carry out that rhyme pattern for red, fed, led. That's the way I introduced reading when I was teaching, and with my own nieces. I taught them the /it/ and /at/ family words at 3 years old and just continued to build on that. I'm sure you know this since you homeschool but just wanted to mention it. I will ask some of my friends who teach early childhood about the games with headphones.

Duckygirl said...

Leap Pad systems let you use headphones and there are all kinds of books to teach different levels/subjects. My kids from the 4-9 range all love them & we've used them on long car rides.

If you want one and don't own one, I'd check ebay :)


James 1:27 Family said...

We use Flashmaster for basic math facts. It's a very simple looking machine with an option to turn off the sound. I would also recommend all 5 of the Learning with Leap LeapFrog DVDs. My boys all learned their letter sounds from those DVDs.

Best wishes!

"Indescribable" said...

Are you traveling with a group? Many of the older children seat hopped during the flight - yea you are right, loooooong flight!! They did coloring, sticker books, simple crafty items and chatted in between meals and napping. Remember how late the flights leave?

Some parents had DVD players but found that the battery life was not long enough to sustain more than a movie.

How about a D S lite? I know they make fancier ones but you can do brain academy and brain age and use an ear bud.
How about an ipod with Ethiopian music on it?
I love the flashmaster!

Do you know when you're traveling?

I can't wait to meet your newest princess!

Expat Mom said...

I'd recommend LeapPad. We found one in the thrift market here and they are really neat. You can get a variety of book and cartridge sets on ebay for pretty cheap. Maybe some Mother Goose, Dr. Seuss, etc. We have Red Fish, Blue Fish and Mother Goose and the boys just love them.

living4Him said...

You're welcome to borrow our
Leap Pad with some stories/games.

We live a town or two over from
you, so not a problem getting
to you. :-)

Anonymous said...

My suggestion is to find an Ethiopian who has transitioned to America (there are TONS of them in Washington DC) and ask them to give you ideas on what songs the kids learn. Maybe your contact at the orphanage could tell you? You could maybe have the song translated and have your kids sing the songs acapella in English on a CD/Cassette for her to listen to. That way she will hear a familiar song (sung by her new siblings no less!) and be able to match the English word with the Ethiopian dialect word very easily. This might take time to do, but it would be VERY cool.

You could also have your kids make up some flash cards with common words ~ Ethiopian on one side and English on the other. Your kids could decorate them.

Check Nogreaterjoy.org and see if their comic book Bible has been translated into her language. I know they have translated it into many, many languages so far.

Also, look online and see if you can find a Bible for free in her language. We did this for an Ethiopian girl we knew in Amharic (sp?) and printed the whole New Testament for her off of our computer.

I'm excited for you all! What a blessing!!

Valerie said...

Leap Frog toys are great. Not exactly what you were asking for...but some of the little hand held video games are educational. Leap Frog makes some great DVD's if you have access to a portable DVD player or if you are traveling with your laptop.
I'll think some more about it and comment again if I come up with anything else.


The Park family said...

Leapsters are great hand held educational games! They have a place to plug in head phones too! We used them on long flights and it was a life saver. You can sometimes find the more simplistic games on clearance at Wal-mart or Biglots!

Valerie said...

Do you read steppinheavenward.blogspot.com ?
She has adopted some older children and I'm sure she would share tips for traveling with you. Great blog if you have never read it before. :)

Bobbie-Jo said...

All of my kids learned their first computer skills and some pre-reading skills with The Learning Company's Reader Rabbit. It's computer software for toddlers and preschoolers. Lots of fun rhymes, hide-and-seek games and phonics.

Anonymous said...

great idas for travel/educational games at www.chasingcheerios.blogspot.com. Also, the leap pad + writing has lots of phonics games

Roselawn said...

How about books on tape read by YOU? I did this for my daughter when I had to leave town, and she loved hearing my voice. Ring a bell when it's time to turn the page. Little ones can figure that out quickly and then can be on their own with the headset. If you know her language, you can add some translations.

chinaorbust2004 said...

I just traveled with my friend who brought home 4 children ages 7, 5, 4 & 2. They were very well behaved on the plane & were content to play with the airplane headphones & watch the in flight movies. I found a couple of preschool MP-3 players at Big Lots which were a big hit with all the kids. They played nursery rhymes. Maybe a regular MP-3 player with Veggie Tales tracks uploaded??? I was amazed at how we were able to communicate with the kids inspite of the language barrier. There weren't indept conversations but we were able to give basic instructions.
God will provide for your adoption. You're in my prayers.

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