Oct 23, 2009

MY BABY'S ETSY...come see!

My girl has decided to have a hand at selling some of her beautiful creations.
I hope you will stop by her Etsy store and browse her wares. She does a wonderful job at creating useful items and will be using the funds to help her raise money for next years mission trip to Costa Rica. Please bookmark her shop and shop away!

(but I have a dream)

And thanks for letting a proud Mama share her joy with you. All the years of pouring in has begun to ooze out of my sweet girl! I always taught her that we are made in the image of our Creative God...how good to see it manifest!

And I will keep a link to her shop on my sidebar~ for easy shopping!


Anonymous said...

Pirate Jacky great job on the shop.I look foward to seeing all the new items as they arrive.I started a etsy this year too,its been alot of fun,Kimmie I know how delighted you are to have such a wonderful daughter(well several actually/sons too)! Jill


Renata said...

What a creative daughter you have! I'm going to visit her shop & look around now!

mom said...

What a sweet place to shop! Wish I had a dollar or two to spare right now and her handcrafts are wonderful :-)

Tammy ~@~

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