Oct 24, 2009

Okay...need some advice

Wondering what kind of mop do you use?

I can't seem to find one that doesn't fall apart. I have the kind with the sponge attachment ~2 plastic screws hold it in place. I am sick of it breaking, replacing it only to have it break again too quickly.

Is there something that is durable?
I have wood floors that need an occasional mopping. My wood floors do need to be refinished, it is on our *to do list.* The floors have deep grooves between the wide boards, which of course hold the mud, dirt and crumbs rather smashingly. I need something that won't leave tons of water on the floor as it is oak, but that will clean up the dirt and mud that all the little feet drag in.

Thanks for your help friends! I've got to go clean up the sty, we've got company coming from the Ukraine!
Happy to take your suggestions, as I need to get something rather soon!


mom said...

Kimmie, we had wood floors in our old kitchen and refinished them once. What a project! When we remodeled, we put tile flooring in the kitchen which I do like much better. Unfortunately I don't have any mop advice for you since I cleaned both floors the old fashioned way of hands and knees scrubbing. That has been the only way to get the floor really clean in-between all the kid vacuumings :-)

Tammy ~@~

Duckygirl said...

I'm not really any help either, we use the sponge kind and little people with rags & soapy water...

Hope you find something. I did google info on a cuban mop once it looked promising.


Valerie said...

I want to say that our mop is called Libby mop? I really like it. It's not a sponge head it's um, the other kind? :) It machine washable - love it! Got it at Walmart for a reasonable price. Sorry, know that is all very vague but if you shop at WM it should be easy to find. It's the only one of it's kind.

julie said...

Rag type mops work for a longer amount of time, however, for those of us with many children I'm not sure their is one out there that is made for the kind of use we give it. When I need to really clean the floor it is usually on my hands and knees's, which takes a while, as our entire downstairs is wood floors. Child labor can make the job much easier. lol.

Best of luck in your search,

Erin said...

I love our Norwex mop - its microfibre and seems to be quite durable. I've used it for sweeping and mopping for 3yrs now.
:) Erin

(hope the link works!)

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Kimmie
Thanks for your advice about photographing my stitched house picture. They were great suggestions and I will definately give them a try.
Sorry I am no help with the mop. We have mainly carpets in our house. I wish you daughter well with her Etsy shop. She has some lovely items in there.
Best Wishes

Expat Mom said...

Oh, I think I can help with this one! What we do here (and all Latin American countries, it seems) is take a small towel, cut a little hole in the middle and slip it over the broom handle and use that. You can slip it off easily to wash it and it's great for the occasional mopping, as well as daily use.

Polly said...

Hi Kimmie. I use a mop called a rubbermaid invader on our old wood floors. It is a clamp that is made to hold some type of mop head. I just put old towels in it, and it has held up for years. Good Luck! -Polly

andrea said...

i am also a Norex user! I lov ehow they work...if you host a party, you can usually get it for a discounted price (i'm not a party hosting girl though). i would perfer scrubbing on my hands and knees nothing seems to as a clean as that. or maybe cuz i love Cinderella...LOL!I can't though due to my eczema on my poor hands!
happy cleaning!

Anonymous said...

HI Kimmie,
We have a small-ish house and installed wood flooring in our kitchen and family room combination. Like a psycho, I bought a puppy, a fairly large one, at the brink of the melting winter. Yes, there went my beautiful floors! So, after much trial and error, I have settled on a pretty good system. Here goes:

Buy one of those rectangular flat mops with the microfiber reusable pads. You can get them at StuffMart ~ and make sure you buy about four or five of the replaceable pads. Now, hang the mop within a reasonable distance to your trouble spot. (Kitchen? Entry? Family room?) Keep replacement pads where you keep your kitchen cloths or under your kitchen sink. Now, buy a bottle of Pledge "squirt and mop and don't rinse" stuff. Can't remember what it's called at the moment, but it is for multi flooring ~ wood, vinyl, tile in a dark blue bottle. Keep it with the pads. When you want to clean up, grab a pad, douse it in hot water and wring. Squirt the stuff on the pad. Put the pad on the mop and in five minutes or less you will have a reasonably clean floor. Pop the pad off and throw in the laundry room. DONE! Deep clean needs to be done much less frequently, but this is great for those trails of "nature" that walk all over the floor that drive us insane!!
Hope this helps.

Renata said...

Sorry I can't really help as I'm not happy with our current mop, but hope someone is helpful! Hope you enjoy your guests!

Duckygirl said...

Hi Kimmie,

I just wanted to let you know that your package did arrive...


and I'm sending a proper response in the mail :)


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