Oct 25, 2009

Prayer Request Sunday

Happy Prayer Request Sunday~welcome friends!
So glad you stopped by for a visit!
Please leave me any prayer requests you have and I will gladly pray for you over this week. I truly count it a privilege.
May God bless you as you walk through this week, may you see Him moving in your life and heart each day. I am asking Him to give us opportunities to glorify Him too!
Remember, no one is a stranger here...so don't be shy about asking or receiving prayer.


julie said...

Hi Kimmie,

We need prayer that our new I-171H will get to us before we have our visa appointment in Addis. We thought we had already received our extension and then realized a few weeks ago that it had not been done. Prayer for speedy processing would be greatly appreciated. We expect to hear news of our court date any day now.

thanks so much,

Kimmie said...

Hi Julie;

I'd be thrilled to stand with you in this. God is able dear Julie!


Dardi said...

I'm praying for my hubby's travels this week & also for a speedy, organized coming together of documents for a project I'm working on! ;o)

Kimmie said...

Hi Dardi;

Happy to join you in both of those requests. May you be able to testify to Him answering those prayers!


Kristen said...

Please pray for my brother, Mark. He has turned away from from God and his family and is need of divine intervention.

Kimmie said...

I will cover Mark and ask God to bring unexpected people into his life to point him back into the arms of Jesus.

May God bring you encouragement in what He is doing in your brother's life.

Don't lose heart, God is able. We just need to continue to stand in the gap Kristen.


Dan and Tara said...

Please pray for my husband and I as we complete our adoption. He is in a really bad work situation, which he needs to get out of, but is basically 'stuck' until the process is done. We've already gotten our referral and are waiting on a court date, so it is not the time to have to redo paperwork. Please join us in prayer for an amazingly soon courte date and travel. Thank you so much. Tara

livin4gzus said...

Please pray that I will be a willing ear and give godly advice to a friend who has turned to me during her trial.

For the divine appointments God places in my path this week.

For a new part-time job to replace the one I lost.

Thanks so much Kimmie.

MommaMindy said...

Thanks for praying. Tomorrow, (Monday) I visit with my endocrinologist to find out the results of recent blood work and neck sonogram. We are checking the status of my thyroid cancer and determining treatment. I had my second surgery this past April. We're trusting the Lord, but always appreciate more prayer! Thanks, sister.

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