Nov 23, 2009

A Gift of Organic Apples

Some friends, who were up to their eyeballs in their parent's organic apples, kindly thought of us. What a beautiful gift, that will keep on giving well through the winter. We made oodles and oodles of applesauce, that we put in the freezer for the long winter. We also ate many straight out of the buckets, and have enjoyed some yummy baked apples.
Baked Apples ala Me:
*As many apples as you plan to eat for that dessert
(our apples were small, so we gave everyone two)
*core the apples
*peel the apples
*butter the pan you will be using
(I guess you could use cooking spray, but why?)
*place the prepared apples in the pan
*stuff them if you like with nuts, dried fruit-about 1/2 way full
(we used dried cranberries and raisins, or skip the *stuff* if you like)
*pack with brown sugar
*top with a hunk of butter
*a tiny sprinkle of Real Salt (the kind of salt we love!)
*sprinkle with cinnamon/sugar mix
Bake at 350 degrees~ until slightly soft or to the softness you like.
(we like them a bit hard, so we cook them about 20 minutes)
Grab yourself a bowl. Gently with a spatula, a wooden spoon or cooking tongs; lift that yummy apple out of the pan. Spoon some of that yummy sugary liquid over your baked apple. Make sure it has had a minute or two to cool, of course you could add a scoop of ice cream to help out the cooling factor!


mom said...

Oh've reminded me that I still have apples left to process. I've never tried frozen applesauce, but perhaps this is the year to try it. Planning some apple pie on Thanksgiving and now that you've reminded, perhaps some applesauce making tomorrow.

Tammy ~@~

Kimmie said...

Oh Tammy,

We also froze some apples that are already for pie. Prepare them just like you are going to put them in the pie (can even do the spices)...then chuck them into the freezer. They will keep for at least 3 months!

You can throw them straight into your prepared pie crust...and bake away! (no need to thaw, unless of course you want to).

Happy pie baking!


Katie said...

Sounds delightful... I love baked apples!
Katie :)

Stace said...


Renata said...

What a wonderful blessing! The baked apples sound delicious - definitely a nice winter night treat! Zai is here asking if we can make some now (as if I'd be baking at 10:30 am (morning tea break from school) on a warm school day!

julie said...

Yummy! I just might have to make some of these....

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