Nov 8, 2009

Prayer Request Sunday

Welcome to Prayer Request Sunday!

Hope you popped over to not only to say, *Hi*~ but to ask for prayer.

I'd LOVE to pray for you this week! Just drop me a comment or send me a private email and I will blanket you in prayer. How good will it be that we join together and come before God with your needs.

God is so good!

Love you.. Kimmie


Dardi said...

Let's stand together in prayer this week for our children in Ethiopia & for God's provision to bring them home!

Hugs ~ Dardi

P.S. Have to tell you...I played the "glad game" this week. "I am glad I am able to be a stay-at-home mommy so that I can run homework to my teenagers at school when they have forgotten it."

Anonymous said...

I feel that God has called my family to adopt from India but my husband does not feel the same way please pray for us to do what God is calling us to do,

Electric Daisy said...

Hi Kimmie! We have our Term. of Parental Rights Court date this week for our little foster/adoption boy, please keep us in prayer that all goes well AND please be praying for our new 7.5month baby girl that God has given us through the foster care system. She's a doll and has already been through so much, I'd love to keep her forever! Have a great day.

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