Nov 15, 2009

Prayer Request Sunday

Hello cherished friends and friends to be!
Guess what today is in my world? If you guessed it is Prayer Request Sunday, well then you are right! Please leave me a comment or send me a private email and I will pray for you this week.
Prayer is a wonderful way of communication with our God-it connects our hearts to His!
Jesus is sitting beside the Father in heaven, waiting to hear our prayers so He can intercede for us...come on let's go to Him together!
What's on your heart friend?
Hey, I have some *resolutions* to share with you tomorrow...
God has given me another year and I have decided instead of waiting for a new calender year to refocus some areas of my life...that my birthday is a great benchmark for making some wanted changes.


titushome said...

Please pray that we will receive a court date soon to bring our little girl home from Ethiopia, that we pass court the first time, and that she will stay healthy and strong (she was recently hospitalized with pneumonia). (And pray that I won't go crazy during the waiting time too!!!)



Dardi said...

Praying that our homestudy is sent to our adoption agency for review this week. Once they make any necessary revisions, we can get the final draft done, certified & get on to the business of getting everything turned in. Also praying for God's provision for the payments that will be due.

Thanks, Kimmie ~ Dardi

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