Nov 22, 2009

Prayer Request Sunday

Welcome to Prayer Request Sunday@ Over the Moon with Joy!

Psalm 62:5

My Soul, wait thou only upon God: for my expectation is from Him.

Good morning friends and friends to be! Hope you are well and that your heart is full of the goodness of God. Praying that we wake with joyful songs of Thanksgiving on our hearts and that we are not a forgetful people, but a grateful people who easily recall all that the Lord has done for us.

I hope you have stopped by for prayer...well and to say *Hello!* Please leave me your prayer requests and I will gladly blanket you in prayer this week.

From my heart:

My mother's heart has been very heavy since September, some of you know we began a new adoption to Ethiopia on the onset of September, as the Holy Spirit guided us. We jumped in immediately, knowing that God wanted us to be the parents of a beautiful girl who had been waiting and waiting for almost 5 years for a family. We quickly prepared a photo album and some love tokens to send to her in Waliso, Ethiopia.

I told you that the*album/package* didn't make it to Ethiopia as planned in September. We were told that the earliest would then be November, as the director of our agency wouldn't be traveling until then. A bit into November I emailed her and asked if she still was planning on a trip in November. She told me maybe January? My heart sank.

My girl, Princess Sweetness, was told in September she had a family, but had no picture of us to wait with~as her the package remained stuck in Florida waiting for travel clearance.

The whole time I was praying and asking God to make a way~something that perhaps we couldn't see. Then, my friend Shonni told me she was going to Ethiopia to pick up her new son on the 28th of November. I thought that maybe if we could send a picture with her and leave it at the Transition House (we are using the same agency), that maybe MAYBE, someone would come before January to take it to our daughter.

Sweet Shonni said yes! Our director/friend Sue Hedberg from Celebrate Children International, said *YES* It was a long shot, as the orphanage is still 2 1/2 hours away from the Transition House in Addis, but at least it was a glimmer of HOPE for this Mama's heart.

THEN PRAISE GOD...Sue sent us an email Saturday morning that I cried my way through. She is leaving for Ethiopia after Thanksgiving! She will bring our care package to our daughter. I am crying even now. God is good and He does answer prayer!

What can I pray for you dear friend?


Katie said...

Praise the God who hears!
Katie :)

Kathy C. said...

Pray for paperwork to move. Really, it's been in process over 900 days. Everyone we started with has their children home and many who started months after us. It gets discouraging. I still have many steps and could be sitting here even next CHristmas waiting for them.

Adina said...

This sounds really petty compared to the other needs, but I've had the flu for a week and really miss my support system from home.

Praying that God continues to manifest himself in your adoption process.

Shonni said...

I am so glad for you and for your new daughter...I can't wait till she receives her love gifts from ya'll

Anonymous said...

Thats great,I know your sweet daughter will smile as she gets the package.

Please pray for my family,for hubby as he travels for work,that he comes home quickly and safely.Pray for safety for us while we are without him,and for our financial situation,pray for work that pays.And good health over us.Thanks so much

The Red Thread Kids: said...

here Kimmie, just dropping by to say good morning. I am troubled by the ex again. I just don't understand.
Praying for your little girl too. Thank you for all your prayers and time.

Sophie Neri said...

Kimmie I'm so glad to hear that your girl will get her package what a beautiful gift. I pray that you bring her home quickly. Can you please pray that the Lord opens the door to another adoption for us? I've had special needs on my heart and I believe that where God is leading us. Please pray that the Lord leads us in the right direction and that my husband does not feel so nervous about it. God bless you

Renata said...

Praise God!! I am so glad that God made a way for this to get through to Princess Sweetness quickly.
I must tell you that we are now praying for you guys & princess Sweetness in our family devotions each evening. My kids are so excited to be watching this adoption closely. Hope you have a wonderful week!
Renata :)

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