Nov 29, 2009

Prayer Request Sunday

Psalm 71:5

For thou art my hope, O Lord, thou art my trust from my youth.

Hi Friends!

Hope all is well with you today. Would you like me to pray for you this week? Is there something on your heart, I'd love to join hands and hearts with you and take it to God together.

From my heart:

I am rereading The Prayer of Jabez. It is a quick read, but have seen God use it mightily in my life. Praying that he would bless me indeed, that He would expand my borders (my influence/outreach/ministry opportunities), that He would keep me from evil and that I wouldn't cause pain.

Oh Lord, let my words and life point to you and not to myself. Help me speak the Truth in love and to not lead, but walk in surrender to your Spirit's leading. Let me be an instrument of peace. Give me courage Lord, as sometimes it is just easier to do nothing.

All of us are but His instruments who do our little bit and pass by.
-Mother Teresa

Virtue-even attempted virtue-brings light; indulgence brings fog.
-C.S. Lewis


Sarah said...

Hi there!
Your family is beautiful, and I am praying for your sweet girl in Ethiopia. I was there last year en route to spend five months in South Africa, and am so encouraged to see others who care so much about the Lord's work all over the world. I have dreamed of adopting since I was a girl, and my sweet Tyler shares the same dream. Praise Jesus. :)

I am struggling very much right now, and would so much appreciate your prayers. I am trying to finish up a particularly trying college semester, and dealing with a thousand other things at the same time. My grandmother has late stage Parkinson's, and isn't expected to live long- and my family is pushed to the limit taking care of her. I am struggling to even complete my schoolwork, let alone do well- pray I would find the strength and motivation to finish well and get my work done. Also, pray for healing in my heart as I deal with very old, very deep scars from my childhood- and that I would glorify God in the way I muddle through the mess. Pray that my family would find the strength to be supportive and to acknowledge that things need to be dealt with, and that God would heal the rifts there as well.

Thank you so very much, and I am praying for you all. God is so good. :)

Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...

Thanks for praying for us, Kimmie, when I asked you to pray about us adding an older girl to our family through adoption. God made it really clear to us that we were not the right family for her, and I thank Him for His leading, even while still praying for K. to find a family.

Sophie Neri said...

Hi Kimmie,
I'm going to add you to my prayer list as well, Praying for your little one in Ethipia. Can you please pray for me as I've been hoping God blesses us with another child through adoption. And just one more prayer request please. Something terrible happened in our community. My son's coach shot and killed his wife, 2 boys and himself. We knew the family well and the one boy was my son's friend and classmate. My 2 younger boys are deeply troubled and so sad. As a parent it is so difficult to try to explain to your children when I can't even begin to wrap my mind around it.Please pray for healing for the extended family members and for peace for my boys. God bless you and thank you Kimmie

Renata said...

Thanks Kimmie for those reminders. I especially like the virtue...even attempted virtue - sometimes it's so hard to do things I feel like saying "why bother" but I forget that God only wants me to try to the best of my ability.

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