Nov 19, 2009

What's YOUR Answer?

If tomorrow was your last day here on earth, what would you want to be remembered for?
As I ponder this myself, I think my answer would be:
*that she lived what she Believed and that she boldly shared it
* that she loved her family with her whole heart
*that she put others before herself
*that she was passionate about orphans and took action as God directed,
hoping and praying that others would do the same
*she heard and knew God's voice
*was obedient in what God spoke to her
*was kind to others and was a good friend
*she tried her best, even when it was hard and she wanted to quit
*she was nice (thanks Aiden)
Wondering what would you want to be said about you?


Gill - That British Woman said...

thanks for popping our to my blog and commenting......

I hope "they" would say, "she cared about each and everyone of us."

Gill in Canada

Dardi said...

I think I'd hope for many things, but to wrap it up in a sentence, I hope they would say:

She wasn't afraid to go against this world's "normal" for Jesus.

mom said...

Kimmie, you need to print out that list and tuck it away in a safe place so if something would ever happen to you, your family would know where to find it for they may be too overcome with the sadness of their earthly loss to be able to utter a word....

I'll have to ponder that a bit for myself...

Tammy ~@~

Renata said...

What a challenging question. I hope they would say
"She lived her life wholeheartedly for the Lord". "She loved her husband & family only second to the Lord" "She welcomed all who came" (probably something I have to work on).

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